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Company News >> LG Display want to emulate the Samsung LCD factory to be turned OLED factory 14th,Jan,2017
                             LGDisplay (LGD) is also preparing to speed up the elimination of the transformation of the old LCD factory, has been part of the production line (LGDisplay (LGD), Samsung LCD panel, Is being modified production of smart phones and automotive small OLED panels. quoted industry sources reported that LGD in Gumi City, South Korea's second-generation plant P2 and three generations of plant P3, will be discontinued at the end, the state is expected to continue until the first half of next year. As for LGD's six-generation plant P6, may take part of the cut-off, part of the way to continue the operation of alterations, LGD is trying to use idle space to achieve their goals.
                      In fact, LGD P2 plant and P5 plant since 2015 has started to cut production, these old factories and more in the late 90s, early 2000 opening, due to old equipment, coupled with only the production of small size panels, etc., so now LGD priority included in the elimination of transformation.
                      In addition to South Korea, including Japan and China Taiwan panel makers from this year, are interested with the unprofitable second and third generation plant review, which will help balance the panel supply and demand.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618