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Company News >> The panel industry should be profitable in 2017 11th,July,2017
                                          IDC said it expects 2017 large-size panel total shipments will drop slightly by 2%, but benefited from the panel to promote large-size, panel shipments area is still growing. In the panel prices remain upscale, and panel makers continue to introduce high-value product trends, the panel industry will have the opportunity to continue profitable throughout the year.
The first quarter of 2017, the world's large-size panel into the off-season, shipments than the fourth quarter of last year, 8.3% decline, only 190 million. Benefit from the two Korean plant LGD show with Samsung to change the operating strategy, Lu Chang Beijing Oriental reelection panel factory shipments leading. In addition, the Taiwan panel double tiger also benefited from the first quarter compared to the fourth quarter of last year, shipping growth.
IDC global hardware assembly research team market analyst Chen Jian said that the outlook in the second half, 8.5 generation line production capacity continues to increase the trend, the panel plant will be more focused on the LCD panel size, to avoid the second half of the supply of excess pressure again , On the other hand to promote the panel value-added, the pursuit of sustained profit in 2017.
In addition to large-size shipments decline, the first quarter of the TV panel is also in the traditional off-season, shipments declined 9.1%. 2017 BOE and Hui Ke's new 8.5 generation line one after another, plus a number of existing 8.5-generation production line continued to expand production capacity, TV panel shipping area will grow for two consecutive years more than 5.5% The Panel factory to promote the TV panel large size, to to the huge capacity, the average size of the TV panel is expected in 2017 will increase 1.8 inches to 44.4 inches.

Top 5 panel manufacturers Q1 large size panel shipments
As for the flat panel segment, quarterly shipments were down 9.3% quarter-on-quarter, with full-year shipments expected to decline by 5.4%; NB panel shipments fell 8.2% from the fourth quarter of last year. As the flat panel and mobile phone panel demand decline, resulting in panel manufacturers overcapacity, in turn to produce a larger area of ​​the IT panel, making full HD NB panel prices loose in the second quarter. However, the benefit of the terminal market for business notebook computer replacement needs, NB panel annual shipments are still expected to grow 1.2% over 2016, panel makers have the opportunity to profit from the NB panel product line.
The monitor panel because of the long product life cycle, consumer electronics products for its predicament and other dilemmas, shipping in 2017 may lead to recession. In addition to actively planning to large-size high-resolution monitor panel to promote, but also with a narrow border and borderless and other aesthetic features to attract the attention of consumers, even in the face of the development of high-end monitor, At the same time the introduction of TV panel HDR technology, high-speed screen refresh rate and other high-level monitor panel main business and gaming consumer groups to improve the monitor panel shipping unit price, and maintain a certain profitability.

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