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Company News >> LCD TV panel demand in the second half will return to the growth route 13th,July,2017
                                             According to NPD DisplaySearch, the latest monthly LCD market dynamics report (MarketWise - LCD Industry Dynamics) survey, May shipments to mainland China manufacturers LCD TV panel 6.3 million, down 6% (M / M) in April, but more Last year the same period grew 14% (Y / Y). As a result of more than expected shipments, Huaxing shipments are also 10% higher than the plan, the overall shipments were 8 percentage points higher than expected.
NPD DisplaySearch LCD TV panel shipments from the beginning of June began to decline slightly in August began to gradually pick up, steady growth in September. As the export pull, the first half of the LCD TV panel shipments than expected; the second half of the panel manufacturers in the second half of the shipment expectations are not high. This is mainly because with the end of the World Cup cargo, the second half of the export growth will be much lower than the first half. Therefore, the second half of the panel factory for the Chinese mainland manufacturers will be highly dependent on domestic shipments.

October 2013 - September 2014 shipments to China's domestic manufacturers TV panel number trend (unit: million)
Source: NPD DisplaySearch
NPD DisplaySearch China market research director Zhang Bing said: "Although the export demand for the first half of this year, driven by a considerable demand, but with the disappearance of the World Cup this year, the second half of the demand to stimulate the main return to domestic demand can be expected in June this year , The major brand manufacturers in the LCD TV shipments and retail, there is a great opportunity to achieve positive growth in the past energy efficiency subsidies and other non-market factors will be able to eliminate all the second half of the need to return to growth trajectory, domestic demand pull Is expected to lead the brand manufacturers to achieve the goal of the year.
The following is NPD DisplaySearch for the recent out of the mainland China manufacturers panel analysis of the situation:
Affected by the real estate downturn and the higher base formation during last year's energy efficiency subsidy, LCD TV production in May was lower than expected. Especially in May 2013 for the last month of energy efficiency subsidies, significant market "hatch effect" pulled up the demand in May, so demand in May this year, a sharp decline. According to our recent survey, the major brand manufacturers are on the next few months of the production plan has been revised. From June to August, the major brands of manufacturers under the plan to repair the amount of plans than the previous plan to repair the rate of about 7%.
It is expected that the major local manufacturers will continue to actively stock the next wave of the Golden Week in October. Although the current local demand is relatively weak, but not the next few months of the panel procurement plan have a direct impact. For the second half of the global TV market, the surviving more variables, but the Chinese brand manufacturers by the first half of the strong pull goods to boost confidence, although some brands have been revised for the annual target, but their purchase plan for the panel is still optimism.

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