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Company News >> Mobile phone OLED panel penetration to enhance NOR Flash price rally 1st,August,2017
                                              Recently, according to print media reports, due to memory maker Micron Technology (Micron) plans to deal with its code-type flash memory (NOR Flash) cause, will lead to a large reshuffle of the supply chain, which caused the United States Department of audio manufacturers, As well as the European car system manufacturers have come to Taiwan to grab the production capacity of the situation, making NOR Flash is expected to increase in the first half of 2017 will be more than 30%. According to the new technology to grasp the exclusive news, the current NOR Flash out of stock situation, including South Korea's Samsung Electronics AMOLED for color control, estimated to be more than 480 million a year of demand, but also pull NOR Flash In the 2017 rally.

According to the report of the Economic Times, Micron plans to focus on the growth and application of fast-growing DRAM and NAND Flash flash memory products, plans to sell NOR Flash products business. In this regard, there is news that Micron has issued a notice to the main customers to withdraw from the NOR Flash business. Which makes the relevant application manufacturers to find an alternative source of supply urgently, so as not to affect the follow-up of new products listed.
However, due to the recent global wafer supply tight, making the original production of NOR Flash fab, has been fully into the fast-growing demand for mobile phones, Netcom, power management and other application logic chips and other products, squeeze the NOR Flash production capacity. Now with Micron plans to quit, further resulting in NOR Flash chip supply shortage.
However, according to the news of the new technology, recently due to AMOLED panel in the mobile phone market penetration gradually increased, so need to use NOR Flash to maintain AMOLED color demand is also greatly improved. With the current global AMOLED supply market share of 95% of South Korea's Samsung, 2017 is expected to ship 480 million AMOLED mobile phone panel, it shows at least 480 million NOR Flash demand.
According to market analysis agency Witsview analyst Qiu Yubin's analysis, NOR Flash application in the AMOLED panel on the function, mainly to remember the status and compensation AMOLED current, brightness, because the AMOLED panel blue light will increase with the use of time Gradually decomposition subsided, so by the use of NOR Flash, to maintain the continuity of AMOLED. And in the Full HD models, the need to use 8Mbit NOR Flash to memory, and QHD models, we must use 16Mbit NOR Flash products. In such circumstances, the demand for NOR Flash will be very large.
Qiu Yubin pointed out that 2017 AMOLED panel in the smart phone market share, will reach nearly 30% of the case, the demand for NOR Flash will be more ardent. Samsung produced 480 million AMOLED mobile phone panel, the Apple iPhone series of smart phones need 75 million, which is accelerating 2017 NOR Flash product prices rising one of the factors.
On the current market on the NOR Flash production capacity, according to market statistics agency, Wang Hong in 2016 squeeze the acquisition of flying Cypress Cypress, becoming the world's largest NOR chip factory, the city accounted for 24%, Cypress market share remained 23% , Ranked third of the Micron about 20%, Winbond ranked fourth, the market share of about 17%. Therefore, a few days ago the market name Winbond may eat the United States and the NOR Flash business, if really come true, Winbond will be jumped to NOR Flash industry leader in one fell swoop. Which is currently tight production capacity, and rumors have won the Samsung 120 million AMOLED NOR Flash orders with the Winbond, it will be a great help.

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