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Company News >> LG will sell OLED panel equipment to Chinese manufacturers to trigger South Korean industry talks 8th,August,2017
                                             Recently, South Korean media reported that South Korea's electronics giant LG Electronics (LG Electronics) because the decision to produce OLED panel key equipment sold to Chinese manufacturers, and the device with the LG Display (LG Display) used in the current production line Equipment is the same, so lead to South Korean industry debate. The industry is concerned that if Chinese manufacturers get equipment, it will shorten the gap with South Korea in OLED panel production technology, as to help China's OLED panel industry a hand. This makes the current China due to Sartre events actively anti-Korean moment, especially caused by South Korean industry concerns.
The message pointed out that LG Electronics will sell OLED film packaging machine, is used in red, green and blue (RGB) three-color deposition after the packaging operations, to protect the OLED by oxygen, water infiltration. Packaging machine inkjet printing method, so that the organic layer can be in a short time with the inorganic layer stack stack, and then into a protective film.
In fact, LG Electronics as early as May 2016 has decided to sell equipment to China Shenzhen Tianma electronics company, is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2017, including film packaging machines and other production OLED panel equipment, will be shipped To Pegasus Microelectronics Wuhan factory, while Pegasus Microelectronics is expected to start OLED production in the second quarter of 2018.
LG Electronics will be sold to Pegasus Microelectronics equipment, and its OLED manufacturer LGD currently used the same process of the latest equipment. LGD recently in the E5 factory small and medium size OLED production line installed inkjet printing machine, still in the machine test. Moreover, it is expected that the same equipment will be installed in the E6 factory soon. Among them, rumors E6 is LGD for Apple (Apple) new iPhone smart phone OLED panel orders set up by the production line.
South Korean industry sources said that organic vapor deposition process and the formation of protective film packaging technology, OLED panel production process is the two key. LGD is Samsung's display, the world's only available in the production of small and medium-sized OLED production line of the industry. As for the use of plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment, almost half of the OLED process to solve the problem, to further shorten the gap with the LGD in the production of OLED panels The

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