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Company News >> OLED, Micro LED whether the mainstream panel dual tiger view different 16th,Aug,2017
                                               OLED panel applications in the growth of mobile phones fast, the current out of stock phenomenon, the future OLED panel will become mainstream? The industry is very concerned about; In addition, the industry is increasingly concerned about MicroLED new technology follow-up development. For these two technologies will become the future of the display panel of the mainstream, the panel double tiger have their own views.
Group Chairman Wang Zhichao said that the Korean factory to actively develop OLED panels, OLED is really on the LCD have replaced? Or is it just a topic? Or only fermented on some applications? As for the traditional LCD will exist and other issues, is the industry-related issues of concern.
At present, the Korean panel factory in the OLED panel layout is not limited to mobile phone applications only, but want to expand to other applications, Korean factory is pushing NB with OLED panel, after the OLED panel will become the standard NB, Is still under observation.

Wang Zhichao said that the group will be the mainstream OLED will be doubtful, because regardless of the price, reliability and cost point of view, there is no reason to see OLED can replace the LCD, in addition, in addition to OLED, there are The new display technology is brewing, like MicroLED, so OLED future is a long-term replacement LCD? Or short-term shiny for a while, the demand will fall? It is not yet clear.
That is, because of this, so at this stage to Taiwan large-scale investment in OLED panel, there will still be doubts, which is different from the Korean point of view, South Korea actively develop OLED technology, is the hope that the market to less competitors, and As the OLED panel is now out of stock, so at this stage began to have customers in addition to Samsung display (SamsungDisplay) outside the panel factory to supply OLED panels, to become the second largest supplier.
Market rumors Apple (Apple) may be in the 2017 on the iPhone using OLED panel, which, Wang Wang, deputy general manager and general manager of mobile products business group Yang Hongwen said Apple conversion technology mercilessly, in addition to possible use of Samsung OLED panel, Apple itself also in the study of Display technology, such as MicroLED, but Apple to solve the problem of diminishing market share, have to drastically make a big change, so it is not the possibility of using OLED panel, but whether it will continue to use The Or short-term use, and then back to the LCD panel? Now can not see it.
Wang Zhichao said that Apple's own money to do MicroLED, the entire MicroLED infrastructure has just begun, although MicroLED is not yet mature, but the future is promising, he said that if the government to group the national team or integration, we must choose this forward technology To do, MicroLED can also be flexible, soft is one of the trend, but not necessarily have to be OLED not.
Friends of Peng Shuanglang: OLED living space, the production of MicroLED difficult degree is not low
In this regard, AUO chairman Peng Shuanglang said that the development of technology is subjective and objective conditions, 20 years ago, LCD has just begun to develop, there are PDP, FET and other technology to compete with, but the benefits of LCD can be small size from large size , And later became irreplaceable technology, and other technology out of the market.
At present, in small size, mobile devices such as mobile phones, wear and VR applications, OLED has its unique, and compared to the lower cost of LTPS, OLED panel will have its living space, soft OLED will also observe The
As for the large-size OLED, LCD technology development is very close to the OLED, and even some even better than the OLED, and consumers do not want to spend three times the price to buy OLED TV, OLED in the development of large-size TV more difficult high.
Also, will MicroLED become mainstream? Peng Shuanglang said that this is still early, but the benefits of MicroLED investment is much less than LCD, and is combined with LCD and LED two mature industry technology, but the difficulty of producing MicroLED is not low, for example, LED miniaturization The other side of the brightness, color and the periphery is not the same, coupled with the need to solve the problem of packaging, the application has not yet been determined, Will not become the mainstream of the future, in fact, too early

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