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Company News >> Apple iPad Air exposed yin and yang screen: or because the LCD panel is too thin 10th,Oct,2017
                                             Apple last Friday opened the iPad Air on sale across the board, and online booking an hour out of the first batch of stock is different, this day, Apple's line of shops there are few customers waiting for the "long" waiting for the purchase of the situation. Of course, still a lot of fruit powder to start this flat, out of the box, experience, take pictures, send friends circle, they share with everyone their joy. However, with the purchase of more and more users, iPad Air problems also emerged.
National Bank, Hong Kong version, the US version of the "yin and yang screen"
There are users to reflect, they just bought the iPad Air "yin and yang screen" problem, that is, the left side of the screen color yellowish dark, right color temperature normal. And before the encounter "quality door" is different from the "Yin and Yang screen" problem is not limited to the national version of the version, Hong Kong version, the US version of the same can not be limited. Not only Wei Feng, PP Assistant Forum and other domestic Apple community users in the feedback of this issue, Apple's official website of the technical support forum has also been part of the foreign users in the discussion iPad Air screen problem.
Look at the pure white background of the book and the most serious performance of the page
"Yin and yang screen" problem so many are planning to start iPad Air fruit powder into a dilemma to buy and do not buy. In fact, it is the user to use this machine and not much impact. It is understood that the screen problem to see the white background of the book or the page when the most obvious performance, but if the outside light enough, the naked eye is still difficult to find. Of course, the feedback of the user is not vexatious, the problem is indeed there, other do not say, psychological or a little impact.
Pure white background on the left is slightly yellow
Pure white background on the left is slightly yellow
If the panel is too thin due to the iPad mini 2 is not optimistic
For the iPad Air "yin and yang screen" problem, Apple's official has not yet given an explanation. Feedback from the user point of view, iPad Air color temperature position is fixed, and has a universal, many users after the replacement or encounter this problem, some analysts said, this may be because the LCD panel is too thin, thin Designed to make its backlight difficult to even. However, if the panel is too thin to say, then finally put the Retina display iPad mini 2 situation is not optimistic, because the iPad mini 2 will be thinner, not thicker.
Equipped with iOS7.0.3 system iPad Air, known as the current best tablet, encountered "yin and yang screen" somewhat frustrating. In addition, although the user also said that the use did not have much impact, but Cook still stand out to explain it soon.

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