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Company News >> Domestic manufacturers are subject to Samsung monopoly OLED mobile phone panel 24th,Oct,2017
                                              As Samsung monopoly of the AMOLED mobile phone panel, making OPPO, Huawei, millet and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers development constraints. So the domestic panel manufacturers stood out, and with the help of mobile phone manufacturers to speed up the pace of construction, these new plants will produce about 9.5 billion US dollars production AMOLED screen. In addition, there are news, smart phone benchmark Apple and Samsung added 60 million OLED panel supply contract, plus a total of 160 million OLED panels at the end of last year. Apple's move, on the one hand will lead to other manufacturers to follow up, on the other hand makes the OLED panel more tight.
OLED has a lot of exciting physical characteristics
So, with the smart phone on the demand for AMOLED screen continued to release, panel manufacturers have to increase the scale of production, set off a wave of construction to meet the huge market demand, and from a share. OLED to replace the LCD is the trend, compared with the latter, OLED with thin, power, high performance and other features. And OLED and traditional display technology using the material is essentially different, OLED materials used are organic, the traditional display technology is the use of metal.
OLED from 1947 after the occurrence of organic light-emitting diodes, the major companies continue to increase research and development OLED technology, panel yield increased significantly. Until today, OLED display technology has become mature and stable, and to achieve mass production. OLED panel prices because of high, especially large-size screen, a short period of time in the popularity of household appliances and television, more in the smart phone, wear equipment, etc. to use. Wearable equipment in recent years, the performance of the downturn, so smart phones become the largest OLED application market.
Domestic manufacturers are subject to Samsung monopoly OLED mobile phone panel
Compared to LCD has obvious advantages
According to "China OLED industry market forecast and investment prospects analysis report" data show that in the OLED application structure chart, the smart phone accounted for more than Qi Cheng, reaching 70.6%; household appliances and television accounted for only 13.8%. Subject to technical problems, the world can supply small screen OLED company is not much, Samsung can be described as a dominance. According to the report statistics, in 2016, 99% of the world's AMOLED panel from Samsung, occupy an absolute monopoly position.
Samsung in the small and medium size OLED screen monopoly advantage, so that the phone supply chain discourse right quite large, contain the downstream mobile phone manufacturers development. Many mobile phone manufacturers have to turn to the domestic OLED panel, to the domestic panel business has brought development opportunities. However, the domestic OLED industry is still in the initial stage of development, the industry chain is not perfect, and more concentrated in the downstream panel manufacturing links, upstream equipment and raw materials is relatively weak, the future for a long period of time will remain in a state of short supply.

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