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Company News >> LCD panel with a decade OLED two years to achieve 80% yield 26th,Oct,2017
                                                   Although compared to the LCD panel, OLED panel with a self-luminous characteristics in the color gamut, black, widescreen viewing angle and anti-blue light has an absolute advantage. But the industry is still often yield, life and price issues such as the initial development of OLED as a reason to suppress OLED.

It is understood that the current 55-inch full HD OLED TV panel yield has been a breakthrough, LG Display spokesman announced that 4K ultra-high-definition OLED panel also yield 80%.
This means that large-screen OLED and LCD panel yield has been almost the same. Appliance network editor Li Tao said that with the past two years of continuous improvement of technology, OLED panel in the yield will no longer be at a disadvantage, compared with the LCD module cost advantage will be further developed.
In fact, OLED panel yield significantly increased only two years, is to show the fastest technology in the history of a technology, its development speed is beyond the reach of the LCD panel. Only from the yield on the OLED and LCD for comparison, the LCD panel in the early development rate of less than 50%, 80% of the normal yield level before and after experienced a decade.
To the development of OLED blowout point of view, the speed of its industrial chain layout is also much faster than the original layout of the LCD panel. At present, South Korea LGD TV in the big screen to achieve breakthrough progress, and China's large-screen OLED panel industry line is also close to mature.
Last month, BOE and Skyworth, Huawei Haisi jointly launched the first domestic OLED TV, marking the layout of China's large-screen OLED industry chain is completed. And Huaxing photoelectric new 11-generation line also clear the layout of large-screen OLED share. Originally in the display technology to maintain the leading Japanese companies are also seize the industrial layout, JDI and JOLED capacity for the expansion of the purpose is to catch up with the lead in the pace of China and South Korea. Industry analysts told the home appliance network, any new alternative industry, the sooner the more the market can occupy more resources and initiative.
There is also a so-called life-cycle bottleneck problem for OLED's obsolescence, which in fact is resolved before the overall marketization. LGD OLED business unit president Lu Xiangde introduced to the HEA, the current life of OLED products can already ensure that more than 50,000 hours, if you watch 8 hours a day, you can use more than 17 years.
In addition, for the critics referred to the "blur" problem, OLED panel through the image quality improvement algorithm and improve the component characteristics are completely resolved, can guarantee 10,000 hours will not appear blur phenomenon.
Data show that in recent years the LCD TV market from 2014 to 2020 the average annual growth rate of only 1.4% in the LCD panel market is relatively saturated, profitability of the situation, OLED has become the best choice to jump out of the LCD panel cycle.
Currently in the domestic manufacturers, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong have begun mass production 4K OLED organic TV, and to the high-end launch of a variety of products; foreign manufacturers, LG Electronics, Panasonic, Philips has also entered the OLED TV production and sales. 2016, whether it is the upstream panel or downstream machine, OLED are showing an explosive growth trend.
Industrial chain and industrial cluster layout is completed, the absolute superiority of product quality, life expectancy, the solution of yield problems, OLED panel TV products can be described as universal large-scale universal, Dongfeng is positive.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618