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Company News >> Music watch after the Vizio LCD TV market to become days? 31th,Oct,2017
                                                  China's LCD TV domestic market has gradually saturated, the TV brand factory to the overseas market expansion is the only help to enhance the brand market, the reputation of the strategy ...
LeEco announced the acquisition of Vizio, a US television brand at $ 2 billion by the end of July, and said Vizio's hardware and software business would become a wholly owned subsidiary of Vizio after the acquisition was completed, but Vizio's The information business Incscape will be independent for private businesses.
Vizio was founded in the global market for explosive growth in 2002, and soon became one of the largest TV brands in the North American market. As for the relatively low visibility in China, the market is actively entering the US market, the company is currently in the United States There are four business locations, including San Diego, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Jose. The company's official website recently also listed hundreds of San Jose office recruitment positions.
"The acquisition of Vizio is an important step in our globalization strategy and the visibility of the North American market," said YT Jia, chairman and chairman of the company, in a statement. "Music Watch (formerly known as Letv) is not just Streaming video service providers, but also in the Chinese market sales of televisions and smart phones, and recently put into the automatic driving vehicle technology research and development, in 2015 the establishment of the electric car business sector.

"Vizio has changed the industry with a disruptive business model at the beginning of its creation, which is in line with our breakthroughs and the focus on consumer products, software and services," said Vizio, founder of Vizio, William Wang, chairman and chief executive, proud of his company's achievements: "Fourteen years ago, I founded Vizio with my own house mortgage, and since then I have built the North American market with the most prestigious and trusted Of the consumer electronics brand.
In view of this acquisition, TrendForce's photoelectric office WitsView observation pointed out that China's LCD TV domestic market has gradually saturated, TV brand factory to overseas market expansion is the only help to enhance the brand market share, visibility strategy; music as Vizio after the merger The volume forecast of up to 14.57 million units, into the top three Chinese LCD TV brand shipments, and even expected in one fell swoop beyond Hisense, TCL, further jumped to the world's third, change the global LCD TV market competition pattern.
WitsView believes that music has always been the main cost-effective LCD TV, and through its video content to attract members to earn revenue. As most of the revenue from the number of members, music to Vizio as a springboard into North America, is bound to face Netflix and other audio and video media competition, expand the difficulties of members will be much higher than the Chinese market. However, once the music as the usual mode of price to successfully copy to North America, is bound to impact the local industrial ecology and consumer awareness, thereby affecting the first-line TV brand market share.
In addition, the combination of music and Vizio will also bring impact on the Korean brand factory. WitsView estimated that after the merger with Vizio, China's LCD TV brand's total shipments this year will climb to about 74.1 million units, has been with the Korean brand factory 7,700 million matched, the future of China and South Korea brand will include the global LCD TV 7 into the market, the brand Changda Hengda trend will be more obvious, regional, niche brand has been marginalized.
Music after the acquisition of Vizio, will become the world's top five LCD TV brand is not the only production of their own TV brand, its TV assembly is still dependent on Taiwan, China foundry. Music Watch this year in China TV shipments are mainly large size (50 inches above), plus VIZIO this year in the North American market, large-size TV shipments also reached 30%.
WitsView said that as Hon Hai has the world's largest 10-generation line and nearly 20% of the world's large-size panel production capacity, the future music as large size, large size (70-inch) product layout, is expected to deepen cooperation with Hon Hai. At the same time, TPV is also optimistic for the music and VIZIO OEM, the future is expected to continue with the music as a cooperation. In addition, TCL whether through music as to improve their export orders in North America, and Wistron and Ruixin future access to music as the supply chain, will affect the global foundry layout of the growth and decline.

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