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Company News >> OLED TV panel too deficient LGD temporarily out of liquid crystal business 8th,Nov,2017
                                        LCD panel competition is too fierce, Samsung saw no profit, focusing on OLED. LG Display (LGD), the same Korean manufacturer, has not yet profited by its flagship OLED TV panel. Instead, it has to bite its teeth and invest in OLED while strengthening its LCD panel competitiveness.
Korean media etnews reported on the 15th, LGD vice president Han Sang-beom said the company will not give up the LCD panel business for now, will enhance competitiveness, make profits, and continue to invest in OLED. Samsung Display panel maker gradually withdraw from the LCD panel, LGD no intention to follow up, why?
Samsung is dominated by small and medium-sized OLED panels, market share far ahead. In contrast, LGD main attack large OLED TV panels, has not yet reached a climax, OLED TV panel sales accounted for less than 10% of LGD overall performance, has not contributed any business benefits. Industry estimates, OLED TV panels to make money, may have to wait until 2018.
Han Fanfan frankly, worried about the LCD panel business, he said that China's large-scale investment, competition will only intensify, LGD has not decided whether to invest 10.5 on behalf of the plant. As for the OLED, the company will actively explore the market for small and medium sized flexible OLED panels. The focus of the P10 plant under construction has not yet been decided, but OLED TV panels and flexible OLEDs should be adopted.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618