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Company News >> In order to attract Apple LG pass will devote great efforts OLED panel 13th,Nov,2017
                                                     According to Bloomberg reports, LG Display will invest more in the OLED display area to ensure its consolidation with Apple in the display area.

Previously came news that Apple will eventually be listed on the iPhone 8 next year, the use of OLED display, LG Display and Apple Inc. today on the supply agreement negotiations, the news also shows LG company to Samsung LCD business Remember weight.
LG has a long history of producing OLED panels and has achieved great success in the field of LCD TVs. But rival Samsung is even more prominent on OLED smartphones. According to Bloomberg, Han Xiangfan, chief executive of LG Display, said: "LG's investment in OLED devices for small devices lags behind that of LCD TVs using OLED screens Other companies, undeniable, flexible OLED screen is the future trend of the mobile field, we will admit it. "
In order to attract Apple LG is also spellbound will vigorously into the OLED panel
Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone screen using the Samsung Super AMOLED panel, OLED screen and the traditional LCD screen compared to many advantages in the OLED screen, each individual pixel can be their own light, rather than the traditional LCD screen as the need backlight, This drastically reduces the power consumption of the display, while a single pixel can be switched off individually when it is necessary to display black, which is more realistic than the black on conventional LCD screens.
However, despite the many advantages of OLED panels, traditional LCD panels are relatively inexpensive and have received the favor of many manufacturers, a fact that Han Xiangfan said LG has not set a timetable for exiting LCD panels. "Although the company should not rely entirely on traditional LCD panels now, we have never considered giving up the LCD panel business because for the moment, the revenue generated by OLED panels is less than 10% of the company's total revenue, but we Also considering the gradual closure of the older wafer fab. "
In order to attract Apple LG is also spellbound will vigorously into the OLED panel
Apple's current iPhone still uses LED-backlit LCD panels, and Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 8 at its August 2017 press conference, which will also mark the 10th anniversary of Apple's phone. This year's upcoming iPhone 7 phone may also have great changes in design.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618