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Company News >> OLED TV full-blown pioneer win-win Skyworth initiative 28th,Nov,2017
                                                    From the birth of the first black-and-white TV in 1939 to the popularity of CRT TVs in the 1980s, from the beginning of the 21st century, LED TVs were born for the perfect ending of CRT TVs and now OLED TVs have excellent display The effect of pressure on LED TV, the full rise of OLED TV is drawing the curtain call for the LED TV era. Intelligence of the observers, homeopathic winners, predators are the world's best. "Can predict the trend of the market, continue to achieve technological innovation, Skyworth is the case." Skyworth CEO Liu Tongzhi said that in the early days of OLED TV, insight OLED technology holds the future display status, Skyworth sustained development of OLED TV, won China's first brand of OLED's reputation.
The third generation OLED, all things are displayed
Shen Shen side of a thousand sails, the tree before the tree Chun Wan. "The old things always want to make things for the newborn, OLED TV with self-luminous features, display better, you can achieve the perfect black and unlimited contrast, OLED display screen and more viewing angle, this display device has been widely used in the small screen, OLED technology in the TV shape has also shaped more possibilities, OLED TV is expected to replace the LCD TV, a lower Generation of display technology.
OLED TV full-blown pioneer win-win Skyworth initiative
Compared with the LCD, OLED has the advantages of active light, no viewing angle, light weight, small thickness, high brightness, high luminous efficiency, rich luminescent materials, easy to realize color display, fast response, high dynamic picture quality, It can be soft display, simple process, low cost, strong seismic capacity and a series of advantages, so it is the expert called the future of the ideal display screen. Since the birth of the TV, its inherent appearance has been deeply rooted. However, with the development of OLED TV, people's awareness of television products has been constantly refreshed. OLED technology is maturing and widely used so that "all things are displayed" concept is becoming a reality.
The transformation of OLED is not only our cell phone and TV, but will permeate every product and every corner of our display industry. With the in-depth development of OLED technology research, OLED display technology in the future development possibilities are endless, OLED technology development space is very broad.
Display technology dispute, Skyworth won the strategic opportunity
As a new generation of high-end products, OLED TVs took the lead in high-end markets in developed countries such as North America and Europe. Compared with the few OLED TVs in the market in 2016, the OLED TV in 2017 can be described as a rally, OLED TV has gradually Lead the high-end market in the world. Currently the global mainstream TV companies to complete the station team, more than 80% of the mainstream companies have chosen to stand the team OLED, 2017, including Chinese manufacturers, including more than 10 global TV manufacturers launched the OLED TV.
In the battle gradually stained the OLED battlefield, who snatch the strategic high ground OLED technology, who won the first chance. Skyworth, as the world's leading home appliance giant in the world, took the lead in launching the first OLED TV in China in 2013, opening the "Display Revolution" prelude to China's color TV industry. In 2015, it became the world's first mass-produced 4K OLED television and in 2016, BOE has independently developed the first OLED TV in China to break the monopoly of OLED technology overseas. Up to now, Skyworth has launched a number of amazing OLED TVs. Among them, Skyworth Wallpaper won praise from CCTV as "the thinnest TV in China".
OLED TV full-blown pioneer win-win Skyworth initiative
Skyworth continued to exert force OLED TV, making China OLED products not only listed almost simultaneously with foreign brands, and have excellent picture quality, perfect sound, smooth operating system, innovative industrial design. Compared with many home appliance manufacturers that started to enter the OLED field in 2017, Skyworth has seized the first chance in the rapid industrialization, large-scale and low-cost OLED.
"In the home appliance market, intense competition today, Skyworth not only has a farsighted strategic vision, the observation of the unpredictable, insight into the future trend of the home appliance market; more vigorous and resolute action, in the OLED technology ahead of the layout, sustained investment, it is known as "the current Chinese color TV industry, the most promising and predictable business."

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