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Company News >> Truly flexible AMOLED display available 8th,Feb,2017

                                   Plastic Logic recently announced its latest generation of research, the company has developed a truly flexible AMOLED display, the first functional all-plastic AMOLED display components backplane together. The latest flexible AMOLED display can be used for electronic devices that require bending, such as smart watches or smart bracelets, etc. At present, it can display up to 256 different shades of gray.
                     The all-plastic AMOLED flexible display also provides a refresh rate of 30 frames per second and is therefore sufficient for displaying text and video. From the demo video, we can see that this new type of flexible AMOLED screen will significantly promote the future need to wear on the wrist and other smart watches need to bend the wearable equipment development.
                     However, the current flexible AMOLED display is still in the development stage, there is no plan for the general consumer or business areas to promote the program. At present, this display can only be based on the display monochrome monochrome, and according to different shades also distinguish other colors, temporarily unable to display such as red, green or blue. Digital Reader site Nate Hoffelder said that although only one color can be displayed, but this is already a good start to the development of full-color flexible AMOLED screen. Plastic Logic's initial technology will be applied to devices such as e-readers.
                    In fact, this screen as early as 2010, the first came out, but because of the continued popularity of the iPad did not cause concern. With the gradual rise of wearable equipment, the concept of flexible screen once again been concerned about. The future of Plastic Logic products will be used for billboards, surface electronic products and other fields.



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