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Company News >> Image depth optimization Philips new OLED TV evaluation 28th,Dec,2017
                                                   Increasing consumer demand allows users to pursue higher and higher quality TV, and when it comes to product quality, performance is absolutely an important reference to measure its positioning. In 2017, the color TV market ushered in the quantum dot and OLED technology dispute, although who can become the king of the next generation of display technology has not yet been identified, but it is undeniable that it is precisely because of the benign competition between the two technologies, high Quality TV suddenly more up.

As an earlier technology products, OLED TV in 2017 has become the color TV industry's hottest star product. According to AVC's omni-channel data, the retail volume of OLED TVs maintained a rapid growth in a row, with 6 months of year-on-year growth of over 100%. In addition, OLED TV with its full color saturation, near infinite contrast, strong plasticity material has attracted the attention of many users. Because of this, some industry experts predict that by 2018 OLED TV shipments will reach 2.5 million units of the highest record in the future OLED TV will have further development prospects.
As an international brand that used to be synonymous with "3S", Philips relies on the first OLED TV after years of silence and the concept of "good hardware + good content + good brand = Miyoshi TV" , The brand has been testing the layout of the water, 9 series of OLED TVs by the market and users praise). Today, a year later, Philips once again presented a masterpiece for users, as the new OLED TV debut Philips 55POD9002 / T3 overall performance? Compared to the first generation of OLED TV technology leadership where? With so many questions, we walked into the evaluation center of China's home electric network and passed the more professional tests to witness the strength of the Philips 55POD9002 / T3.
For the earlier landing in the Chinese market and achieved great success in Philips, years of technological plowing for Philips TV display technology has a unique advantage, of which the most familiar is the Ambilight (Ambilight) technology, gorgeous lighting effects The picture extends beyond the screen, giving the viewer a super presence, immersion and unprecedented viewing experience. However, the Philips new TV 55POD9002 / T3 television technology is far from the case, the next time, I will introduce you in detail Philips 55POD9002 / T3 TV in the technical differences.

In the actual product testing, it is necessary to highlight the latest exclusive Philips development technology - P5 quality enhancement engine. The P5 Picture Quality Enhancement Engine stands for Premium Picture Engine, used in Philips high-end television series as a master of the Philips picture quality technology. It can enhance image quality from five aspects of fluency, color, sharpness, contrast and signal source optimization technology. It is a very powerful technology package.
Dynamic compensation technology can reduce the image trailing more effectively, feel more fluid and more enjoyable dynamic images (such as football and racing) in the dynamic images, to achieve the human eye is difficult to perceive the limit, showing a clearer and fluent picture.
Color enhancement technology can greatly enhance the color saturation and layering, extended color gamut performance, bringing stunning vivid colors, whether it is the vast sea, the vast grassland or other color-level rich scenery, each picture is beautiful and moving.
Sharpness enhancement technology to clear the edge of the image sharp, each blasting, each shooting details, can show more clearly. Clearer and more exciting to experience the experience of each shocked large-scale visual experience, so perfect TV quality, feel incredible.
Contrast enhanced technology to bring more dark and highlight the details, the picture becomes more transparent, whether it is bright stars or the Arctic ice and snow, to bring you an immersive and transparent picture, not to miss the eyes can see every A detail.
Optimize the input signal source technology, making any input source images appear more vivid and delicate, lower noise images.

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