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Company News >> 2008 global LCD heat treatment / firing equipment market and vendor analysis 26th,Jan,2018
                                                There is a sequence of heat treatment processes in the process, including drying after cleaning, Pre-bake, Pre-bake and firing after the alignment film coating and sealant firing after the panel is bonded . Among these procedures, the following conditions are required: the lower the heat treatment temperature the better, the pre-baking temperature after drying and after the photoresist coating should be 90 to 120 ° C, the pre-baking and the color filter resist hardening after the alignment film coating The firing temperature should be between 190 ~ 250 ℃. To meet these different requirements, there are two types of batch and monolithic Hot Plate Conveyors. Most of the original ovens are used in the alignment films, but most of the recent alignment films adopt the infrared heating (IR) method. Therefore, the oven (Oven) is gradually transferred to the color filter for photoresist baking and the low temperature polysilicon TFT -LCD dehydration oxidation purposes, and there is a gradual increase in the trend.
Second, revenue analysis
According to statistics released by 2009 LCD Equipment Data Book, the market scale of global heat treatment and sintering furnace equipment in 2007 was 176 million and 33 million respectively A decline of 35.8% and 61.6% from the previous year. It is estimated that in 2008, the global market size of both will grow by 68.8% and 57.6% respectively, reaching 297 million and 52 million U.S. dollars.
Figure 1 Figure 4 2004 ~ 2011 global heat treatment / sintering equipment market size

Third, manufacturers analysis
There are a lot of equipment manufacturers involved in this market, however, the top three vendors in global sales in 2007 and 2008 are unchanged. In the heat treatment equipment, the top three are the Koyo Thermo System, Clean Technology and ESPEC, as shown in Figure 2.
Figure 2 2007 ~ 2008 the world's major heat treatment equipment market share

Koyo Thermo System pre-baked with a photoresist coating, ITO film after steaming heat treatment, color filter / alignment film firing heat treatment used as the main product. The company's leaf-type dust-free furnace "CCBS" series, through the reduction of furnace fixed frame interval design to enhance production efficiency. In addition to the largest 3000x3200mm can respond to the substrate, but also with different purposes flexible arrangements for space. In the CCBS series, there are also "CCBS-IR" series and "CCBS-V" series vacuum drying furnaces that employ far-infrared (IR) heating. Roller-type continuous furnace "RH" series, mainly roller handling and exclusive LGO heater, can indeed handle large-size glass substrates (maximum 2800x1900mm), and save space and clean. In order to meet the demand of LCDs, the batch type vertical furnace "VFS" that appears after the semiconductor diffusion furnace is enlarged can be used in various processes corresponding to the vacuum. As for the "CBS" series of dust-free batch furnace systems that can be atmospherically treated, they are positioned in standard mode for LTPS.
Wash technology cooling / cooling equipment (Cold Plate, Hot Plate), is widely used in color filters. HP-CP equipment part, the use of hot plate and cold plate on the average substrate heating and cooling methods to meet the needs of the seventh generation substrate. In addition to mining proximity approach, you can reduce the damage to the substrate surface, but also due to the hot and cold plate surface treatment, to prevent electrostatic charge. And the device features a multi-stage structure that saves space and delivers high yields. The VD device is a device that dries a color filter that has been coated under a reduced pressure as it is coated. The two-stage decompression method, Slow and Main, suppresses the occurrence of wind gusts and foaming defects.
Ranked third in the ESPEC market share of 16%, the main models "HSC series", from the glass substrate cleaning after drying, baking color filter, photoresist coating baking, plastic sealant Into, tempering treatment can be handled. The color filter in turn into the oven within the heat-resistant grill, by operating the grill up and down in the oven, you can heat the heat evenly. This device already supports the 10th generation (2850x3050mm) substrate requirements. Another development can be used in 10ppm ultra-low oxygen environment dustless furnace.

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