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Company News >> Samsung vice president HS Kim: OLED will not replace the LCD within a few years 30th,Jan,2018
                                            While many manufacturers believe that OLED will become the future development trend of television and competing in OLED technology research and development, Samsung is still committed to the existing technology research and development.
    HS Kim, vice president of flat panel business development division Samsung said in a recent visit, although Samsung is still one of the leaders in OLED display technology, the company is not in a hurry to launch the relevant products until the price of OLED TVs can be controlled by consumers Within the acceptance.
    "We could make larger displays, and maybe we could show large OLED TVs at CES next January, but we have not decided yet," he said. "Who would be willing to spend a fortune on such products? I'm pretty sure that if we launch an OLED TV that is 10x the price of the current LCD TV, nobody will ever buy it. " Instead, Samsung will continue to work on the current plasma and LCD TVs, making them better, thinner and less power hungry.
    With the advent of 200Hz technology and LED backlighting, LED edge light technology, especially LED edge light technology, the TV can be made very thin by configuring LED light sources on the edges of highly reflective black panels, Kim said. "Although OLED panels can do To 3mm thickness, however, OLED machine size is still 25mm thickness, through technical improvements, LCD TV LCD thickness has been very close to this indicator. In addition, LCD TV's breakthrough in energy consumption also makes OLED in the low energy consumption advantages weakened.
    At Suwon's research center, Kim showed reporters a model for the new 55-inch LCD TV in 2009 that consumes only about the current power consumption of 32-inch models. "The power consumption of OLED TV is generally 50W, and we are trying hard to reduce the power consumption of 40-inch LCD TV to this target next year."
    Finally, Kim concluded, "There is still a long way to go for an OLED. R & D for it means a high research expense. And we do not know if such a product can bring benefits to the company. After all, the price of an OLED TV Still unacceptable to consumers. "

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