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Company News >> LCD driver suppliers to grab a coup, strict control of costs wait for the spring 5th,March,2018
                                              Although markdowns boosted sales of LCD TVs to some extent, the strength of the Olympic promoter was not as strong as expected, and downstream LCD TV makers began to reduce their incoming shipments to absorb the existing inventory. Analysts at research firm iSuppli said that since the beginning of June, large-size LCD panels have been in a state of severe supply surging due to lower-than-expected demand and a surge in inventory throughout the supply chain. As a LCD panel accessories drive IC inevitably affected, but with the arrival of the next wave of LCD panel sales season, the driver IC market is expected to pick up.
    The market is shrinking, LCD driver suppliers out of a coup
    Lu Weiming: With the resolution increase, touch screen control, dynamic backlight control technology will be the new drive development needs.
    The weak market demand forced panel makers to reduce capacity utilization and try to adjust their stocks to downturn. Panel makers in Taiwan, Chi Mei, AU Optronics and South Korea's LG announced the reduction of production capacity to ease global LCD panel oversupply. Affected by lower sales volume of LCD panels, orders for driver ICs have also drastically shrunk. Relevant design companies started with increasing added value of products and bundling sales ICs in an effort to win the shrinking orders of LCD panel makers.
    Focused on LCD driver products manufacturers focus on providing higher added value of the product, the drive chip integration of other technologies, establish a unique product image. For example, in recent years, Crystal Gate Technology, which is very active in LCD driver ICs, has introduced SSD2218 TFT driver controller with integrated MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) for mobile applications. The company's vice president of business operations, said Lu Weiming, said: "The chip integrates the MIPI interface, so the main processor and LCD driver IC signal connection number will be greatly reduced to only four lines." The solution not only saves the cost of the intermediate connection , Also improves electromagnetic interference and improves system reliability, while providing more flexibility in the mechanical design of end products. In addition, for the large-size TV application market, Solomon announced a series of single-chip driver ICs to improve product integration and meet the demand for power saving and into the dynamic backlight control (DBC) technology.
    Hong Jinwei: With the gradual saturation of this market, the price will go down, drive IC's profits will be reduced.
    Companies with rich product lines are using bundled sales tactics to drive sales of LCD drivers that have driven orders down by selling best-selling products. Suzhou Han Rui microelectronics capacitive touch technology using a unique method of operation, and with optimized electronic circuits and system software, can achieve low power consumption, high speed results. Tested, the company introduced chip-sensing computing power consumption of only 13μA, scan times up to 30,000 times per second. "At present, many manufacturers have the intention to talk with us about the touch technology cooperation program, the development of bundled LCD driver chips is a combination of Han Rui technology advantage of sales strategy." The company president Hong Jinwei said. Its related product plans to ship in the second half of this year.
    Domino effect drag IC, by multi-channel technology to strictly control costs
    Under pressure from downstream vendors, LCD panel makers are gradually shifting production lines from 6th generation to more productive 7th and 8th generation lines, significantly reducing the price of LCD panels while increasing LCD panel output. At the same time, they are also actively seeking cheaper matching components, which makes LCD driver makers feel the pressure of price cuts.
    NEC Electronics Greater China LCD product marketing manager Wangyong Gang said: "The downstream panel prices quickly passed to the supplier of component suppliers, drive IC is also spared." New phase Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Lou frankly admitted that the company's first half Shipping has also been some impact. It is reported that the driver IC due to LCD panel market, the price drop of 10 to 15%.
    As the LCD panel industry chain price trend in the short term is difficult to reverse the major LCD driver IC manufacturers to comply with the LCD panel makers price requirements, but also to find ways to simultaneously control costs. Local manufacturers have been aware of the lower prices of downstream vendors instead use advanced technology to reduce chip costs. Lou Jun said: "The new phase of microelectronics in the technology mainly to adopt new technology, structure to further reduce product costs." In addition, the company's products in the low-power, ESD, etc. also have advanced technology.
    Wang Yonggang: major panel makers began to shrink capacity, correspondingly reduced the number of purchases of IC is estimated to have recovered in the fourth quarter.
    Overseas LCD driver companies, by virtue of their industry background, usually have a strong vertical integration capability in the business industry. Back in 1988, LCD driver chips market, NEC Electronics in addition to master the core technology of the chip, but also has its own fab, IC packaging and testing plant, Wang Yonggang said: "NEC Electronics is an IDM company, rather than pure designer fabless. So in the production process improvement, product quality improvement and stable supply have a continuous guarantee. "
    From a technical point of view, LCD panels of different resolutions require a different number of driver ICs; the higher the resolution, the more driver ICs are required. However, the multi-channel technology that can reduce the amount of driver ICs just fits the starting point for cost control of downstream panel makers in the face of serious profit declines of LCD panel makers, which require the driver ICs to reduce prices.
    "Raising the number of driving channels is a way to reduce the overall cost of driving ICs in the panel industry in the future." According to Lou Jun, at present, the number of channels of a driver is mainly 720 channels and will reach 960 channels in the future; LCD driver ICs with multi-channel technology are designed differently A slight discrepancy, generally reduce the cost of 10 to 20%.
    But Wang Yonggang also said that although the existing drive design technology can do 960 or even more channels, but the current mainstream channel is still 720 channels, "mainly due to the customer panel design and wiring, crimping equipment specifications, as well as yield and so on exist limit."
    In the second half drive IC market stabilized stabilized
    Lou Jun: driver IC will also integrate and integrate more functions, but also need to consider low-power, low-cost design, and effectively integrate its own industry chain.
    In general, the third quarter of each year is the off-season LCD panel, followed by the fourth quarter of the festival focused on the West and was considered a season. After experiencing the LCD industry "winter" drive manufacturers believe that the consumer summit in the second half to stabilize the current LCD driver IC price fluctuations.
    Lou Jun said: "At present, small and medium size panel market has warmed up, large-size panel sales may also be gradually enlarged.With the panel price gradually stable, the future price of driver IC should gradually stabilize, but the recovery may still be more difficult, mainly depending on the panel Price fluctuations. "He believes that the main reason for the impact of LCD drive market changes is the market supply and demand gradually stabilize, the various sectors of the industrial chain inventory levels reduced to normal levels, the consumer season is driving the purchase and disaster, inflation, rising prices and other negative The impact of factors gradually diminished.
    Hong Jinwei and Wang Yonggang also hold the same view that the second half of LCD driver IC shipments will be improved, but the two executives for the price of LCD driver IC also does not mean optimistic. Wang Yonggang is expected in the industry boom, will drive IC shipments, the IC's price is hard to rebound. "With this market slowly becoming saturated, although the output changes with the arrival of the market peak season, but the price will go down, drive IC's profit will be reduced." Hong Jinwei said a lot of drive IC vendors helpless voice .

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