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Company News >> Benefited from the expansion of OLED production lines 14th,
                                             On March 9, Shenzhen Liande Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Liande Equipment”) officially released its 2017 annual report. During the reporting period, the company realized total operating revenue of RMB 466,729,200, which was comparable to that of the previous year. The increase was 82.02% over the same period; the operating profit was RMB 60,843,600, an increase of 109.36% over the same period of last year.
Benefited from the expansion of OLED production lines
During the reporting period, the company mainly focused on the R&D, production and sales of flat panel display module assembly equipment. The main products include bonding equipment and laminating equipment. The equipment produced by the company can be widely used in display modules in flat panel display devices, mainly in the module assembly production process of TFT-LCD display modules and related components such as touch screens.
In the report, Connexion also made a brief analysis of the growth of its performance. There are mainly the following major drivers:
1. Increased investment demand for downstream customer equipment
In 2017, the domestic flat panel display industry continued to increase investment, panel makers accelerated their own layout and investment in the TFT-LCD field, and added new production lines. The investment growth in the downstream industry has brought a large number of automation equipment needs, which is an important reason for the company's operating income growth.
Moreover, with the increase of OLED in terminal applications, the OLED concept has once again become a hot spot in the industry. Domestic panel companies such as BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Tianma Microelectronics, Visionox, Hehui Optoelectronics, Xinli Optoelectronics, and Rouyu Technology are all constructing. OLED production lines or the expansion of the production capacity of OLED panel lines have also expanded the demand for automation equipment to some extent.
Of course, the upgrade needs of downstream companies for inventory equipment and the need for replacement of old equipment have also contributed to the growth of company orders in 2017.
2, lack of capacity to make up
For a long time in the past, Liande equipment was limited by its own capacity. Since 2017, Liande has been able to build new production capacity through various means such as renting new factories, increasing R&D production personnel, and so on, which has greatly eased the pressure of mismatching production capacity and demand. The increase in production capacity is one of the factors that contributed to the higher growth of its operating revenue in 2017.
3, continuous investment in research and development
The special equipment industry is a technology-intensive industry, and the company’s technology reserves and technological development capabilities are the basis for the survival and development of the company. During the reporting period, Liandi Equipment Co., Ltd. continued to strengthen its R&D efforts to improve its product system, enhance product competitiveness, and better respond to customer needs. In 2017, R&D expenditures rose 166.65% year-on-year. Continuous R&D investment is also an important factor in the growth of its operating income.
In addition, the company's material procurement mainly adopts the “according to sales and production” and “order to purchase” procurement methods. During the reporting period, the company still implements the “production-to-market” model and the flexible production of small batches and batches. Model, adhere to the market orientation of production. Its business model also helps it achieve operating income growth.

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