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Company News >> Sharp lacks LCD capacity iPad will switch to LG and Samsung 15th,March,2018
                                         According to reports, due to lack of Sharp LCD capacity, the first batch of new iPads released this Friday will use the Retina display panels provided by LG and Samsung. The Wall Street Journal said that Sharp had set up a production line for Apple’s third-generation iPad, but for some reason they couldn’t meet Apple’s demand. Just the day before yesterday, Apple also officially announced that the first batch of new iPads ordered by the official website will be delayed by 2 to 3 weeks.
However, the situation of “backing” screen supplier LG is not optimistic. It is reported that they also suffer from insufficient production. Therefore, the daunting task of manufacturing the new iPad's HD Retina screen was handed over to Samsung's hands (Samsung publicly claimed yesterday that Apple bought a lot of LCD panels from them). Analysts also said that the reason for LG and Sharp's "shortage of supplies" is actually trying to raise prices for Apple.
It was also pointed out that the main reason for Retina's screen supply crisis was the increase in SHA's technical requirements. New iPad screens using high-density aperture technology require higher levels of craftsmanship and more complex processes, which puts tremendous pressure on production.
If the news is true, on Friday, the first iPad to be purchased in line for fruit powder will use the LG or Samsung screens, and it is still unclear whether subsequent versions will replace Sharp screens.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618