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Company News >> Prospects for Development of Global Small and Medium-sized TFT LCD Industry in 2009 17th,March,2018
                                             Talking about the impact of the global financial tsunami in 2008, it can be said that everyone is frightened. As Dickens, a British novelist, said at the beginning of The Tale of Two Cities: "This is the best time and the worst year." Manufacturers looking for opportunities in adversity have hopes and hope to stay and build spring nests.
Take the International CES 2008 exhibition held in Las Vegas in January 2008 as an example. The organizer Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) released data showing that in 2007, the global The fastest growing products are 120Hz LCD TVs (120Hz refresh rate LCD TVs), E-Reader (electronic books), 1080p Plasma TVs (1080p resolution plasma TVs). At the same show in 2009 (CES 2009), the organizer released the world's fastest growing product in 2008 as OLED Display, E-Reader, HD Flash Camcorder (HD resolution hand-held camera) ) It can be seen that the boom in consumer electronics has shifted from large-scale televisions to small and medium-sized applications.
II. Review of 2008 Global Small and Medium TFT LCD Industry
The application of global small and medium-sized TFT LCDs is quite extensive, from the mobile phone panel with the largest shipment volume to emerging portable applications such as Netbook. With the fierce competition in the small and medium-sized TFT LCD industry, the panel specifications have advanced by leaps and bounds, from the contrast, color, thickness, and even the development of touch functions. From a technical point of view, the current trend is to gradually replace the CSTN market with TFT LCD. The future trend is to erode the LTPS TFT LCD market with high-order a-Si TFT LCDs. The LTPS TFT LCD has the advantages of small size and high resolution. Has been gradually a-Si TFT LCD catch up; while mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung gradually enabled AM-OLED panel as the main panel, but also poses a threat to the small and medium size TFT LCD industry.
In addition, the small and medium-sized panels have a small number of features, and panel manufacturers must cooperate with numerous system product manufacturers to develop various applications. However, the average selling price of handheld device terminal products (ASP) has been declining. However, the quality requirements for display devices are getting higher and higher. As a result, the production value of small and medium-size TFT LCDs has grown at a low rate, and manufacturers have become more competitive. Recalling that the output value of small- and medium-size TFT LCDs in 2008 increased with the shipment of mobile phones, it is predicted that the 2009 financial turmoil will lead to a decline in consumer confidence and will also weaken the purchasing power of consumer electronics. What's more, due to the end of depreciation, economic cuts, and technological advances, manufacturers have adopted the 4th generation or more production lines to produce small and medium size TFT LCDs, and the original 2nd to 3rd generation production lines have been forced to transform.
Third, look forward to the trend of global small and medium TFT LCD application products in 2009
The characteristics of the small and medium-sized TFT LCD industry are “a small number of diverse” production methods and short product life cycles. These two characteristics also represent that panel manufacturers need to work closely with customers to develop new products, so “customer relations” and “technical energy” are both It is the competitiveness that the small and medium-sized TFT LCD manufacturers pay most attention to. From the perspective of the overall output value of small and medium-sized TFT LCDs, the future growth momentum will lie in the accelerated growth of medium-sized TFT LCD products. On the other hand, the mobile phone market, which accounts for 60% of the output value of the global small- and medium-size TFT LCD applications, has faced a sluggish growth phenomenon, and therefore the restrictions The growth rate of the small and medium size TFT LCD industry. In 2008, the market size of global small and medium-sized TFT-LCDs reached US$20.3 billion, an increase of 12.6% from US$18 billion in 2007.
In addition, in terms of product sales layout, small and medium-sized TFT LCD applications also have a trend of high resolution, high animation quality, and large size. The future is promising. However, how to resist the rapidly falling panel price by increasing the added value will be the main technological development in the future.
Small and medium-sized TFT LCDs are mainly used in mobile phones, games, DSCs, automotive monitors, and PNDs. In 2008, there were a number of emerging applications that were rapidly growing. The significant growth was in "medium-sized panel" applications, including DPF (digital photo frame) and Netbook (low-cost notebooks), all using medium-sized panels between 7 inches and 10.4 inches. Products, especially the rapid growth of Netbook, have attracted the most attention. It has also impacted the smart phone and notebook computer industry. In the second half of 2008 and even 2009, when the economy was in a sluggish economy, these products drove the growth of the global small- and medium-size TFT LCD industry. At the same time, they also made medium-size TFT LCDs the most promising products for the panel industry in 2009. Figure 1 shows the trend of global small- and medium-size TFT-LCD products in 2008 and 2009, which has been categorized by the growth of product application categories.
Analysis of Global Small and Medium Size TFT-LCD Product Categories
Fig. 1 Analysis of Global Small and Medium Size TFT-LCD Product Categories
Fourth, the point of view
In 2008, global TFT LCD manufacturers ended depreciation and amortization because of the 4th-generation line and even the 5th-generation line. Production lines below the 3.5-generation line already do not meet the benefits of producing small- and medium-size panels. Manufacturers gradually shift the 5th-generation line production capacity. Developing mid-size products, the 4th-generation line is used to produce stable, large-scale, small-size panel orders. At the same time, the competition in the small- and medium-size TFT LCD industry has become increasingly fierce. In addition to the original TFT LCD manufacturers, those who originally focused on the STN panel industry have also gradually shifted to the TFT LCD panel industry.
Looking forward to 2009, consumer electronics products are affected by the decline in consumer confidence caused by the financial crisis at the same time. Therefore, how to boost consumer confidence or how to revitalize domestic demand in other countries has become an important observational indicator in the future.
In the context of the economic downturn in 2009, the outlook for the small and medium size TFT LCD industry is as follows:
1. Netbook products continue to sell well. Vendors launch various types of new products and follow-up models. In addition to stand-alone sales, tie-in sales strategies with telecom vendors will prevail, creating output value across hardware and software industries.
2. High-performance digital mobile devices and high-speed broadband Internet access will become increasingly popular, prompting companies to attach importance to information security and personal data management, as well as to the digital media industry, including the commercialization of mobile TV, the growth of digital content manufacturers, and online consumption. The surrounding services will bring about the growth of medium-size panel products.
3. The rapid evolution of the features of mobile phones, even if the function of low-end mobile phones have exceeded the user's needs, the gradual decline in mobile broadband costs will make mobile phones become new advertising channels, telecommunications companies will accelerate the development of value-added services, drive the evolution of mobile phone features The next wave of positive cycles, while promoting the growth of high-quality small-size panel applications.

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