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Company News >> LCD chip module text display 29th,May,2018
                                      LCD Chinese character library LCD module can display Chinese and Spanish, the standard is as follows:

1, the coding standard of Chinese characters:
In order to use 0, 1 code string to represent Chinese characters, the information exchange code of Chinese characters is specified: GB 2312-80, abbreviation GB code, a total of 7445 characters, including Chinese characters and other characters. There are 3755 first-class Chinese characters, arranged in Chinese Pinyin; 3008 second-level Chinese characters are arranged by radicals and strokes. Other characters are commonly used symbols, serial numbers, GB1988 character sets, Greek characters, tabs, etc. Each symbol of the national standard code uses a two-byte (16-bit binary) code to represent a Chinese character.

1) National standard code: 94 (0-93) for each row and column, represented by two 7-bit binary numbers preceding and following.

2) Location code: Since the binary national code is not very convenient, the Chinese character can also be represented by a decimal area code. The area, bit 94 (1-94), is represented by two 2-digit decimal numbers after the first.

3) Machine internal code: It is the code that represents the internal Chinese character of the computer. In the microcomputer, it uses two bytes (the highest bit is 1) code as the internal code.

Chinese font LCD

2. Interchange between area code and machine code: The exchange code and machine code of the Western system all use the American Standard Information Exchange Code ASCII, which is represented by one byte. Generally, only the lower seven bits are used, and 128 symbols can be represented. The Chinese characters embedded in the software are compiled by the compiler and stored in the machine code. The conversion relationship between the area code and the machine code can be summarized as: (hexadecimal representation of the area code) + A0A0H = machine code. Taking the Chinese character “Large” as an example, the hexadecimal representation of the “Large” character in the area code is 1453H, and the A0A0H gets the machine code B4F3H.

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