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Company News >> A total investment of 500 million! Leading Shengguang Optoelectronics to Launch an Annual Production of 100 Tons of OLED and Functional Materials Project 4th,June,2018
                                            On May 21st, the annual output of 100 tons of OLED and functional materials project of Chifeng Yinsheng Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. officially started in the Chifeng Development Experimental Zone in Inner Mongolia.

The project will requisition 100 acres of land in the economic transformation and development pilot area of ​​a resource-based city in Chifeng City with a total investment of 500 million yuan. The first phase plans to invest 100 million yuan (fixed investment of 80 million yuan and circulating capital of 20 million yuan) to build an annual output of 100 tons. OLED and functional materials factory.
The main construction content of the first phase:
1. 4 production workshops. Production of 192 main equipment. It produces 50 tons of boric acid OLED material and 50 tons of polycyclic OLED products.
2. Class A and supporting Class C Treasury 12.
3.100 tons/day sewage treatment station, 5T gas boiler room.
4. Supporting firefighting facilities and exhaust gas treatment devices.
5. One office and R & D quality inspection building.
The project construction period is from May 2018 to October 2019. After the project is completed, the annual output value will be 360 ​​million yuan.
Chifeng Yinsheng Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. is an OLED and functional material production base invested by Shanghai Yinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and natural shareholders.
Shanghai Yinsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of OLED organic materials, engaged in the development, production and sales of OLED materials, liquid crystal materials, functional materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals.
The core customers include Samsung Electronics, LG Chemicals, Dow Chemicals, Japan Idemitsu, and Toray Japan. The company has mastered a number of patents for OLED materials, and has exclusively produced a large number of OLED materials.

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