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Company News >> What is the difference between cob LCD and cog? 12th,July,2018
                                            COG, Chip On Glass technology, which directly binds the driver chip to the glass, is transparent.

COB, Chip On Board packaging technology, is to adhere the bare chip with conductive or non-conductive glue on the interconnect substrate, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection.

LCD features packaged in COG package technology:

1. Process simplification. Directly attaching IC to the conductive electrode of the LCD panel, reducing the soldering process;

2, the volume ratio COB (Chip On Board) is greatly reduced, and it is easier to be miniaturized, simplified, and highly integrated. The PCB circuit is directly fabricated on the LCD screen, so it is widely used in portable whole products that need to reduce the volume, such as mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, watches, information phones, handheld instruments, etc., and can be extended to the TFT post-process;

3. Directly attach the IC to the LCD screen without any problems such as IC deformation.
COB type LCD packaging method and its characteristics:

If the bare chip is directly exposed to the air, it is susceptible to contamination or man-made damage, affecting or destroying the function of the chip, so the chip and the bonding wire are encapsulated by glue. This package is also referred to as a soft encapsulation.

 The bare chip packaged by COB technology is the chip body and the I/O terminal above the crystal. When soldering, the bare chip is bonded to the PCB with conductive/thermal adhesive. After solidification, the wire is bonded by a Bonder machine (Al or Au). Under the action of ultrasonic and hot pressing, they are respectively connected to the I/O terminal pad of the chip and the corresponding pad of the PCB. After the test is passed, the resin glue is sealed.

Compared with traditional packaging technology, COB technology has the following advantages: low price; space saving; mature technology. COB technology also has shortcomings, that is, it needs to be equipped with another welding machine and packaging machine, sometimes the speed can't keep up; PCB patch has stricter requirements on the environment; it can't be repaired.
 Both packaging technologies will play an important role in the packaging of portable products.

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