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Company News >> LCD screen polarizer works 8th,August,2018
                                       LCD liquid crystal display polarizer works

Polarizers are called polarizers and control the polarization direction of a particular beam. When the natural light passes through the polarizer, the light whose vibration direction is perpendicular to the transmission axis of the polarizer is absorbed, and only the polarized light whose vibration direction is parallel to the transmission axis of the polarizer is left.

In the liquid crystal display module, two polarizers are respectively attached to the two sides of the glass substrate, the lower polarizer is used to convert the light beam generated by the backlight into polarized light, and the upper polarizer is used for analyzing the polarized light modulated by the liquid crystal, and the polarized light is generated. Light and dark contrast, resulting in a display. The imaging of the liquid crystal display module must rely on polarized light. Without any polarizer, the liquid crystal display module cannot display images.

Optical properties of polarizers and their influencing factors

The optical properties of the polarizer include the following indicators, namely, degree of polarization, transmittance, and UV protection. For ordinary LCD products, when polarizer is applied, products with higher polarization and transmittance are generally used. Thereby promoting the display quality and efficiency of the LCD display device, and fully reducing the energy loss; however, for the ordinary iodine-dyed polarizer, the degree of polarization and the transmittance are two contradictory factors, generally the polarization is high, the transmittance is The reduction is inevitably affected by the color tone, so the polarization degree of the conventional polarizer is in the range of 90% to 99%, and the transmittance index is in the range of 41% to 44%. The basic function of the hue indicator is to satisfy the visual habits. The polarizer requires as much color tone deviation as possible to ensure the consistency of the hue of the LCD product.

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