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Company News >> LED display industry development status analysis Personalization into the future trend 31th,August,2018
                                         In the current economic new normal, most of the high-speed development industries have begun to mature. In the past, the Chinese market was large enough. The biggest investment opportunities came from the rapid growth of small companies, but now the opportunities for small and beautiful are greatly reduced. The era of oligarchy of the strong Hengqiang began, and the room for appreciation for the civilian enterprises has been very small. The profits of the oligopolistic companies with a market value of hundreds of billions are faster, but of course the same is true for our LED display industry.
Today, with the rapid development of market globalization, professional analysts believe that a strong basis for supporting the arguments of the oligarchic era is that not only China, but also overseas markets are giants. From the perspective of China's LED display industry, their eyes have long been stuck in the domestic market, but with the opening of overseas markets, step by step on the broader international market. In addition, with the fierce competition in the market, the production and operation methods of enterprises have undergone tremendous changes. The tentacles of the oligopolistic enterprises have extended to the upstream and downstream of the industry, thereby gaining profits from the entire industry chain and achieving a higher-than-expected growth in performance. The law is becoming more and more obvious. This point is particularly evident in the market performance in recent years. It is the performance of the industry's screen enterprises to optimize the industry chain to seize the market from all aspects.
It can be clearly seen from the growth of the industry's screen enterprise performance that the current leading enterprise's performance growth is clear and continuous. On the contrary, it is the transcripts of some small and medium-sized companies, which makes people feel miserable. Of course, this is also related to the fact that after the industry matures, the quality resources are moving closer to the leading enterprises. In the era of winners, the leading position of the leading enterprise industry is difficult to break. Now the LED display industry is not at the beginning, there are many opportunities for counterattacks, especially with the further upgrading of the industry and the return of market product quality, leading companies in the industry have begun to turn their attention to the mid-end market, under this trend. Next, how SMEs survive and develop becomes the most concerned issue in the industry.
Even if the oligarch era is determined, it does not mean that SMEs have no hope at all. There are also many growing "oligarchs" in the market. The current LED display market has innovative and other advantages of transparent screens (advertising machines), ice screens, Yuping, masonry screen, double-sided poster screens, etc. have begun to be favored by different markets. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises can start from the sub-areas that the leading enterprises can't take care of, specializing in one or several kinds of development of new categories. The "small but beautiful" route, abandoning the price war, and taking the differentiation strategy to win.
Large enterprise big brands mean strong strength, large production capacity and comprehensive products. It also means lack of personalized and segmented products. If you can't do it first, you will be the only one. The future differentiation strategy is an inevitable choice for many SMEs. The products of big brands are of course the first choice for high-end customers. However, if they can differentiate themselves, they can open a distance with big brands in a certain way, and they can also have a foothold in the fierce competition. Or take the road of being acquired by leading companies, it is not a double-best road. Whether it is "oligarch" or "small and beautiful." In general, the first half of the current LED display industry relies on the market scale and breadth of profitability. Now we are in a critical turning point. The next half, it is important not only to rely on the terminal. The breadth of the market is expanding and the number is increasing, and the depth of service and user product experience is also increasing.

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