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Company News >> Domestic panel manufacturers vigorously lay out AMOLED production lines 19th,Sep,2018
                                              At present, AMOLED technology is developing rapidly, and the application of terminal products is gradually increasing. The flexibility based on AMOLED technology will bring more innovation and imagination to the future display. For example, in the smart phone market, flexible displays will be used in large quantities; in the smart wear field, due to the small and light demand characteristics, the demand for flexible products will increase significantly; in the flexible display in the automotive field will create more emerging applications, AMOLED will Be the next wave of growth.
However, due to the relatively low level of localization of China's AMOLED products, Chinese mobile phone brands have clearly felt the problem of excessive product cost when adopting AMOLED products. In order to reverse the passive situation of the industry and realize the localization of AMOLED products as soon as possible, Chinese panel manufacturers represented by Shentianma, BOE, Visionox and Huaxing Optoelectronics are vigorously laying out AMOLEDs and planning new production lines for mass production.
Shentianma increased capital Wuhan Tianma to build the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED Phase II project
On the evening of July 27th, Shentian Ma A issued an announcement to further enhance the company's market position in the small and medium-sized high-end display, especially in the AMOLED field, and accelerate the realization of the strategic goals of the global display industry leaders. The company intends to pass the wholly-owned subsidiary Wuhan Tianma. Microelectronics Co., Ltd. invested in the construction of the second phase of the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line. The total investment of the second phase project is about 14.5 billion yuan.
It is understood that Wuhan Tianma's 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line successfully lit 5.5-inch rigid and flexible AMOLED products on April 20, 2017, and officially launched mass production shipments to brand customers in early June this year.
Domestic panel manufacturers vigorously lay out AMOLED production lines
The announcement shows that the second phase of the project will expand the production capacity of the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line. After the second phase of the project is completed and put into production, the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line project and the 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line second phase project (Wuhan) will form a monthly output. The capacity of 750,000 flexible AMOLED display panels. On June 1, 2018, the company signed the "Cooperation Agreement on the 6th Generation LTPS AMOLED Production Line Phase II Project (Wuhan)" with the Administrative Committee of Wuhan Donghu Development Zone.
Shen Tianma A said that after the project is completed and put into production, it will greatly enhance the company's production capacity and supply capacity in the high-end products field. The scale effect and economic benefits will be prominent, which will further enhance the company's high-end display in small and medium size, especially AMOLED applications. Its market position accelerates the strategic goals of leading companies in the global display field.
According to the data, AMOLED flexible display technology uses a non-breakable soft material substrate to replace the fragile glass substrate. It has the characteristics of flexibility, flexibility, thinness and freedom of design. As a next-generation new display technology, it has become an OLED technology. The mainstream development direction has begun to enter the large-scale industrial application, and it has performed well in high-end full-screen smart phones, smart wear, virtual reality (VR) and other fields.
In addition, with the approach of the 5G era, mobile intelligent terminal manufacturers have set higher requirements for the touch integration and flexible display of display panels in order to stand out in the fierce competition. In the future, AMOLED flexible display will also be widely used with the development of smart terminal applications.
In addition, when the price of flexible AMOLED panels can be lowered to a certain level and acceptable to end customers, the market application space of flexible AMOLEDs will be further enhanced. At present, among the cost of AMOLED, the core raw materials and key equipment layout are in the hands of foreign manufacturers. With the construction of the domestic display panel manufacturer AMOLED production line, it will promote the development of domestic AMOLED raw materials and further increase the localization rate of raw materials.
At present, Samsung and LG Korean manufacturers occupy an absolute leading position in the AMOLED panel market. Based on the broad market space of the high-end display market, the next few years are the key period for the development of the display panel industry. As a leading enterprise in the domestic small and medium size display field, Shen Tianma We are actively grasping the period of strategic opportunities and increasing the market share in the AMOLED flexible display market.

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