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Company News >> The large-size LCD panel has been shrinking in August. 10th,Oct,2018
                                               After the large-scale increase of TFT LCD panel in July, due to the cost pressure of the end customer, the increase of the panel in August has been reduced. As the inventory pressure is coming to an end, the next 11-day holiday and the US Black are seen. Due to the sales situation on Friday, Taiwan's panel makers are mostly neutral and optimistic about the fourth quarter.

Due to the arrival of the peak season, large-size panels showed a relatively significant increase in July, of which IT panels rose by about 5 to 6 US dollars. The TV panel rose by 10 to 15 dollars in July due to the urgent demand. The 32-inch and 42-inch TV panels each rose by $15, respectively, to the price of $210 and $355, allowing the first-line panel makers to taste the sweet taste of profit.

As the price of the panel has been maintained for more than half a year, the terminal manufacturers all feel the pressure of increasing costs. In addition to partial self-absorption, they also set the price of the LCD monitor and the LCD TV as a response. However, due to the panel The important component glass substrate is out of stock, so the panel is still in short supply. WitsView estimates that the panel price will continue to rise in August. Among them, the IT panel will increase by 3-5 US dollars, and the TV panel will be flat or small by 1~2 USD. The price increase of the monthly large size panel has been reduced from July.

The panel factory said that after the LCD TV panel inventory reaches a safe water level, it is necessary to look at the sales of the 11th holiday. As for the US, it depends on the sales of Black Friday, because the sales of these two festivals will be In this case, October will be the first wave of sales observation indicators. If the sales situation is good, the 2010 New Year's panel stocking will be worth looking forward to.

According to the current situation of the major panel manufacturers in the fourth quarter, most manufacturers are not pessimistic. Taiwan’s AUO believes that even though there are many new capacity in the fourth quarter, it believes that demand will not be large. The downward adjustment of the amplitude occurs. However, due to the price increase of the LCD TV terminal, the demand change of the terminal will be closely observed.

As for Chi Mei, it is believed that there is not much negative factor in the fourth quarter, and it is cautiously optimistic. It does not even rule out that the shortage of glass substrates may continue into the fourth season. As for the color crystal, it believes that the fourth season Although the panel demand is not weak, the shortage of glass substrates should be solved, and because there are more panel production capacity, the panel boom in the fourth quarter will be treated flat.

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