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Company News >> LCD splicing advantages in technological innovation and new product upgrades 5th,Dec,2018
                                         In recent years, with the breakthrough of digitalization and high-definition technology of security manufacturers, the most intuitive monitoring and display equipment has changed from the original CRT monitor to LCD, digital, large-size screen, high-definition, high-definition and high-definition. development trend. The high-definition large-size LCD splicing screen with high integration is not only beautiful, effective, easy to manage, and inexpensive, greatly improving the effect of the front-end camera video, and greatly improving the overall image of the project. The advantages have become the popular choice for display systems.

LCD liquid crystal splicing screen is widely used in safe city command center, power dispatch monitoring system, meteorological bureau command and dispatch system, intelligent traffic management monitoring center, national defense or military surveillance system, mine monitoring system, financial management monitoring system, large performance venue background curtain wall , video conferences, corporate exhibition halls, KTV demonstration entertainment centers, exhibitions and other places, not only have all kinds of computer analog / high-definition digital signals, composite video signals, color difference signals, etc. displayed on the big screen, but also can achieve signal switching, stacking, Combinations and other functions enrich the display mode, greatly improve the display effect, and become a necessary choice for the development of display systems.

In 2013, as the two giants in the large-screen splicing market, LCD LCD splicing and DLP rear-projection splicing can be said to be full of earning, and it is necessary to mention the development trend of LCD splicing, just two or three years. Has formed a strong position with the market position of the DLP rear projection for 20 years, the development speed is really amazing!

Compared with LCD splicing, DLP's main advantage is that it can easily achieve large size and seam size is less than 1MM. These two advantages are currently technical problems that LCD can't overcome. In other comparisons, the advantages of LCD are also obvious. When users choose these two products, the main consideration is the actual size and seaming requirements. For those users with higher requirements, DLP will be selected, and the rest will choose LCD products.

A major reason why LCD splicing can be developed so rapidly is that LCD technology is becoming more and more mature. At present, LCD has become the international mainstream display product, and its high definition, high brightness, low power consumption, etc. are DLP. And other display technologies can not be achieved, especially the introduction of LED backlight technology in the past two years, which highlights the unique advantages of LCD.

The seams constantly refresh the technological progress. Since the introduction of LCD splicing, the seam problem has been a technical bottleneck restricting the development of LCD splicing, from the initial 22mm seam to the ultra-narrow side of 7.3mm, to the newly released 5.5mm "seamless stitching" this year. Patchwork has been constantly refreshed, which is also a major reason for the rapid development of LCD splicing. I believe that with the development of technology, the seams will continue to shrink to a narrower, and the seams within 3mm are not a fantasy.

The cost continues to decline and the market is vast. Compared with the huge maintenance cost of DLP (the bulb needs to be replaced regularly), LCD splicing is basically a one-time investment. In addition, in recent years, the cost of liquid crystal has been decreasing, and the price of LCD splicing is no longer high. This is also the application of liquid crystal splicing. A big and important reason. The LCD liquid crystal splicing screen has a long service life and low maintenance cost. LCD is the longest-lasting display device, and its life span is very long. Even the shortest life part of the backlight is as high as 50,000 hours or more, and even if it is used for such a long time, it will only affect its brightness. Just replace the backlight tube and you can restore the original bright colors. This is essentially different from the rear projection. The life of the LCD backlight is ten times that of the rear projection bulb; the biggest difference from the projection is that the liquid crystal splicing technology is more mature and the power saving is obvious, and its advantages and disadvantages are self-evident.

In summary, LCD splicing in order to shake the market dominance of DLP rear-projection splicing is not unfounded, which is also an important factor for more and more DLP manufacturers to start setting up LCD production lines.

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