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Company News >> Visionox (Hefei) G6 full-flex AMOLED production line starts industrial chain and re-innovation 28th,Dec,2018
                                       On December 27th, Visionox (Hefei) G6 full-flex AMOLED production line officially started. This production line has settled in the high-tech zone of Hefei New Station, with an investment of 44 billion yuan, the production line substrate size is 1500mm*1850mm, and the design capacity is 30K/month. It is reported that after the completion of the production line, it will have the full-capacity high-end technology docking capability, and can provide high-end customized services to the high-end market and customers.


Embrace change

Just two years later, Visionox and another AMOLED full-soft six-generation line started construction. Such a rapid production line layout on the one hand illustrates the huge market demand for OLEDs, and on the other hand, it shows that Visionox is extremely fast. Market response speed - know that the layout of an OLED mass production line is not completed overnight.

Since last year, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic and foreign terminal manufacturers have adopted AMOLED screen as a must for high-end models, and the market share of flexible AMOLED has also been optimistic. According to IHS's global AMOLED shipment data, it is expected. By 2021, the market size of AMOLED is 76.8 billion US dollars, of which the flexible AMOLED market is 56.6 billion US dollars, with a market share of 73%. At the same time, the evolution trend of terminal products has become more and more obvious. From the comprehensive screen to the folding screen, the change of product form puts higher requirements on the screen technology. The so-called experience is the knowledge gained from the events that have occurred. For Visionox, more than 20 years of OLED industry experience has been transformed into a pre-judgment of market trends and a mature understanding of the industry model. Facing the rapid changes in the market environment, Visionox has demonstrated the value of the industry's deep-growing people, actively responding to market changes, rapidly deploying the second full-flexible production line, increasing the R&D and mass production scale of flexible AMOLED products, and releasing A more obvious signal - the flexible AMOLED is an important force for the future transformation of intelligent terminals.

Multidimensional innovation

Obviously, when a company's understanding of the industry and technology is deep enough, innovation becomes a handy tool that is applied to every detail. On the road of AMOLED development, Visionox's innovation has not only been reflected in the application of products, but also in the source of innovation, in the design of the production line.

As the terminal market becomes saturated, terminal manufacturers want to break through and need more differentiated product designs. Visionox's production line positioning is “full soft and high”, with full-capacity high-end technology capability, aiming to improve equipment and material efficiency with upstream manufacturers through the cooperation of the entire industry chain, and discuss product design with downstream terminal manufacturers. And form, combined with the actual needs of the market, together to create high-end customized products.

At the same time, the production line actively deploys new display applications, and has joined a number of independent innovations to develop new technologies. It has advanced technology layout in super comprehensive screen, high-end folding, low power consumption and high resolution, which can meet the iterative upgrade of the terminal market. demand. It is foreseeable that this production line is more about the future of the sword, precisely targeting the OLED industry's head product market, with innovative design ideas to address more vertical terminal needs.

Yongli Tidetou Fangxian, who is from Tsinghua University, can now be said to be one of the flags of the domestic OLED industry. How to cope with the changes in the market environment and lead the industry forward is the next long time for Visionox The main proposition that needs to be faced for a while, I believe that Visionox has given its own answer.

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