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Company News >> BOE has a few steps to supply OLED panels to Apple 20th,Feb,2019
                                             According to foreign media reports, BOE has obtained the qualification of Apple's flexible OLED panel supplier and became the third flexible OLED panel supplier after Samsung and LGD, which means that it will have the opportunity to supply OLED panels to the latter in the future. It becomes a reality and it does a lot of work.

BOE has a few steps to supply OLED panels to Apple

The gap between BOE and Samsung and LGD

In the small and medium-sized OLED panel market, Samsung is the boss, which accounts for more than 90% of the market share. This is the result of its early gambling of small and medium-sized OLED panels. Today, the small and medium-sized OLED panels developed by Samsung are called super AMOLEDs. Other manufacturers' OLED panels lack the middle touch sensing layer, and the touch sensing layer is directly on the display layer, so it is lighter and thinner.

LGD is the world's largest manufacturer of large-size OLED panels. It has a market share of more than 90% in the OLED panel market for TVs. However, due to the slow penetration of OLED panels in the TV industry, and the problem of burn-in that has been difficult to solve. (The problem of burn-in screen has also appeared on smart phones, but the life of smart phones is only about two years, and the phenomenon of burn-in is not serious), resulting in its OLED panel business has been in a loss.

Seeing that Samsung has earned a lot of money in the small and medium size OLED panel market (OLED panel business is Samsung's second largest source of profit), LGD has also been involved in the small and medium size OLED panel market in the early years. However, LGD has repeatedly suffered setbacks in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market. In the early years, LGD's OLED panel used for Xiaomi's note2 appeared grainy. In 2017, the OLED panel for Google pixel2 XL appeared yin and yang screen problems. Last year, it was used for Huawei mate20 Pro. The OLED panel has a green screen door, showing that it is still technically different from Samsung.

Compared with the above two companies, BOE's OLED panel technology and production capacity are naturally more backward. As a leader in the small and medium-sized OLED panel market, Samsung's technology leadership is undoubted; LGD's technical ability accumulated in the large-size OLED panel market allows it to quickly enter the small and medium-sized OLED panel market; however, it is still frustrated; compared to the above two Home business, BOE, which started almost from zero, is naturally more backward in technology.

In terms of production capacity, BOE has only started production of one production line, and its production capacity is limited. It is also due to problems in its technology and production capacity. Only one-third of Huawei’s mate20 Pro launched last year adopted BOE’s panels, and another three points. The second one adopts LGD's OLED panel, and its subsequent three OLED panel production lines are expected to be put into production one after another by 2020. At that time, it may be possible to form a three-legged situation with Samsung and LGD.

BOE has a few steps to supply OLED panels to Apple

BOE wants to officially supply OLED panels to Apple. The first is to shorten the gap between Samsung and LGD in terms of technology. This problem cannot be achieved overnight. The technical problem needs to be solved and gradually solved after the manufacturer uses its OLED panel. Now, Huawei's enterprise support with strong technical research and development strength will help BOE to quickly improve its technical level.

The technical failure to meet Apple's requirements is the reason why LGD has not been able to supply OLED panels to Apple. As a latecomer to the OLED panel industry, BOE is expected to take longer to meet Apple's requirements technically. .

The good news is that BOE has made some progress in technology research and development. It is said that Huawei will release the 5G folding mobile phone on February 24th MWC2019. Its folding OLED panel is supplied by BOE, which means it has been folded in OLED panel technology. Can keep up with Samsung's footsteps, ahead of LGD.

BOE's current primary problem is to improve the yield of OLED panels. According to media reports, the yield of the first OLED panel production line currently produced by BOE is about 50%. This production line will be put into production at the end of 2017. After one year. Improvements, yields are still low, showing that the production technology of OLED panels is more difficult, and the lower yields mean that its current production capacity is still limited.

Of course, for BOE, as long as the first OLED panel production line can quickly solve the production technology problem, the subsequent three OLED panel production lines can avoid similar problems and shorten the time to improve the yield, which is also beneficial to it after 2020. Rapidly increase the production capacity of OLED panels.

Apple is the world's second-largest smartphone company. Its iPhone shipments exceed 200 million units per year. In 2017, only one of its three iPhones used Samsung's OLED panel, and Samsung also needed to deploy it in its A3 factory. The production line is fully committed to producing OLED panels for Apple. It can be seen that Apple has a large demand for OLED panels. In contrast, BOE has only four OLED panel production lines that it has built and is currently building, and it is even less likely to fully meet Apple's requirements.

Bai Ying Technology believes that considering these issues, perhaps BOE will really supply OLED panels to Apple as soon as 2020, and it is expected that its supply of OLED panels to Apple is limited, Samsung is Apple's main supplier of OLED panels, Apple The purpose of introducing BOE and LGD is to balance Samsung to get a lower price.

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