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Company News >> Better OLEDs are never absent. Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends. 11th,March,2019
                                          On March 7th, the color TV industry was quite boiling. Hisense officially released its first OLED TV, Hisense OLED TV A8, at Qingdao Global R&D Headquarters, and announced that it will officially exhibit at the AWE exhibition in Shanghai on March 14th. Product. Hisense broke through the technical bottlenecks such as afterimages and image attenuation that have plagued OLED TV for many years, and has become the focus of attention in the industry.

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

China's "color TV one brother" joined the OLED TV camp, so that many friends and businessmen also "joyed". Skyworth sent a very generous poster to celebrate Hisense's - "Congratulations, old rivals, good friends all the time; thank you, let me fight from side to side, fight side by side; bless you, take your youthful spirit, The future can be expected." The lines are full of blessings, but the words behind the text also revealed the "smell".

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

In the product display area of ​​the conference, Hisense placed two products of Friends of the Company on the A8 of its own OLED products, and revealed the LOGO of the friendly products without any fear. It can be seen that Hisense has entered the OLED TV camp. Knowing this news, the friends are also very curious, secretly discussing how the "better OLED" dark horse is.

According to the comparison of the scene, Hisense really did not live up to expectations. The first OLED TV, the picture quality performance stood on the first echelon. How to achieve "better OLED"? Hisense gave a firm answer.

Attacking OLED, Hisense has a layout

Hisense is actually the first company in China to conduct OLED technology research and development and to launch the first OLED product.

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

In 2010, Hisense, as the only TV company, participated in the 863 new flat panel display technology project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and undertook the key technology and process research project of large-size AMOLED. In 2010 and 2012, it successfully developed 12吋 and 15吋. OLED TV prototype. Since then, Hisense has carried out in-depth technology research and development and technical reserves around OLED materials, devices, drivers, image quality, etc., and has mastered key aspects in OLED drive system design, OLED display structure, curved OLED module, and OLED lifetime and contrast. technology.

At the end of 17th, Hisense had acquired the Toshiba color TV business and its R&D team. In the global market, OLED TV has the highest penetration rate in Japan, and Toshiba TV has the most advanced OLED technology, which gives Hisense great technical support and product confidence. Hisense constantly overcomes the difficulties of OLED technology and finally breaks through the technical problems of image retention and image attenuation that have plagued the OLED market for many years.

Join the OLED camp, you can be late, but never absent

Before Hisense released OLED TV, the Chinese market sold OLED TV color TV brands, and one hand was just a few. On the one hand, it is from the LGD investment expansion production line (Guangzhou invested in the construction of the country's first 8.5-generation OLED panel production line), on the other hand, color TV manufacturers seek differentiated competition, while Chinese consumers' consumption awareness is increasing, and the demand for quality is increasing. Increment. According to relevant reports, the OLED market is expected to grow by 14% this year.

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

However, comparing the market size of OLED TVs vertically, we will find that in the face of the total sales of 47 million color TV sets in the country, OLED TVs only have about 200,000 units, accounting for only 4%, and the OLED market has huge potential.

The huge potential also means that the industry needs huge thrust and more brands are needed to stimulate the development of the entire industry. The increase in output of the entire industry will continue to reduce costs, so that OLED TVs will penetrate into the color TVs of different price ranges. Not so high.

Hisense is not coming late, I think it is just right. After Hisense was brewing a wave, he waited for a time node of OLED, 8K, 5G, and IOT. Through the quality of mature products, it has laid a dose of soul for some troubled markets.

Don't forget, Hisense has always been a technical genre.

Hisense is a lion who has experienced 50 years of wind and rain. He has led the color TV industry for 15 consecutive years in China. Whether it is a laser TV that has been grinding a sword for 11 years, or the first domestically produced image quality chip independently researched and developed, and the in-depth study of TV artificial intelligence, Hisense has always presented the appearance of the technology genre of domestic color TV enterprises. For more than a decade, Hisense has never given up OLEDs, has been following up, and has cooperated with large foreign companies. Nowadays, the launch of Hisense OLED TV also represents the new technical height of Hisense Color TV.

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

Six-fold image protection technology. Since the birth of OLED TV, it has been plagued by a problem, that is, "burning the screen." Burning the screen means that if the OLED displays a certain still image for a long time, it will leave an unrecoverable afterimage. At the beginning of the development of OLED TV, Hisense took the problem of burning screen as the top priority of OLED TV.

To solve the problem of afterimages, Hisense proposed a six-point solution.

First, the LEA-edge logo is monitored and adjusted. The daily static icon of the logo is used to perform fine pixel shifting and adjust the brightness of the icon to prevent excessive consumption of the pixel life at the fixed position.

Second, the local brightness adjustment of static content under dynamic video. For example, for example, during the two sessions, the TV live broadcast leader's speech, usually the table is fixed, and the characters will swing at different amplitudes. For this element that is not the main body of the picture and still at rest, local brightness adjustment can be done to prevent disability. Shadow.

Better OLEDs are never absent! Hisense "big action" alarmed all friends

Third, the static image brightness adjustment function. TV can also be used as an art frame. When the TV content is a still picture, Hisense OLED TV can adjust the brightness of the brightness to ensure the effect of the picture while reducing pixel loss.

Fourth, OVERSCAN pixel displacement technology. If the same picture element is fixed at a certain position for a long time, it is the biggest waste of organic pixels, and the pixel unit can be continuously adjusted by the technique of pixel displacement.

Fifth, the OFFRS function, and the sixth, JB function. Both use the current to periodically excite the OLED organic illuminator to "resurrection" the pixel attenuation and passivation effects after prolonged display. The difference is that the former is a short-cycle, low-dose current excitation, and the latter is a long-period, large-dose current excitation.

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