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Company News >> New iPhone or still use Corning glass 30th, Dec, 2017
                        Abstract: Apple's next-generation iPhone or still use Corning glass materialSuzhou pure Seoul purification Technology Co., LtdApple's secrecy can be said to be unmatched in the world, each year a lot of money spent on confidentiality work to ensure that each conferenceApple products can achieve the best publicity.
Prior to Apple's confidential information are sparedno effort to protect, and the Apple inadvertently revealed the next generation iPhone is still using Corning glass news.
Blob.pngApple hinted that the next generation iPhone still uses Corning glass materialThe Apple mentioned that because of the iPhone series of hot, located in Texas workers can make processors for the iOS device, and Corning can produce glass for the iPhone.
As Apple hasbeen working with Corning to launch a more hard glass, then this message allows us to see Apple's next-generation iPhone will still use at least Corning glass. Prior to Corning glass has a large numberof applications in a variety of smart phones, by a lot of consumers.At present on the next generation of iPhone news, we still wait for March 7 Apple iPad 3 conference, take a look at this Apple can bring us new surprises.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618