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Company News >> Rainbow Special Glass achieves "hard" strength in 3D curved glass applications 25th,April,2019
                                         As consumers demand more and more mobile phones, smartphones have also entered the era of “face-to-face”.

In addition to the ultra-thin body, full screen, camera, mobile phone backplane has become another main battlefield for terminal manufacturers.

From plastics to ceramics, from metal to glass... The material battle for mobile phone back covers is also changing with the upgrade of mobile communication systems.

Especially with the advent of 5G and wireless charging air outlets, the good dielectric properties of glass make glass the best application material for mobile phone backplanes.

The current high-end flagship 3D curved glass application has gradually become the development trend of the market. The high-alumina silicon cover glass is light, transparent, hard, scratch-resistant and weather-resistant. It can be molded into a variety of 3D appearance products, such as the gradient of the mobile phone back and the design of the large curved 3D glass. Enhance the product design novelty and good texture characteristics, and increase the curved edge touch and solve the lack of antenna layout space and enhance the signal receiving function. While increasing the appearance of the product, it can also expand other functions and applications. .

Rainbow special glass shows "hard" strength

As the leader of high-end cover glass in China, the high-alumina silicon and lithium aluminum-silicon cover glass independently developed by Rainbow Special Glass has unique compound chemical strengthening process processing performance, low softening point and easy 3D hot bending, which can be used for users. Bringing excellent processing performance, showing stronger impact resistance and higher strength. When the 3D curved glass application breaks out, it constantly shows the "excellent" strength, which makes the industry look at it.

After more than ten years of independent innovation and research and development, Rainbow Special Glass has gradually formed a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights from formula to glass production and processing applications by means of overflow down-draw process. In the product, the glass surface has high strength and good flatness and is easy to process. After chemical strengthening, the product is more resistant to falling and scratching, and is the best choice for both ordinary cover glass and 3D curved glass.
In order to better meet the display and application requirements, Rainbow has been actively exploring new glass solutions for new technologies and new applications for many years, constantly improving, optimizing and improving product performance, from glass intrinsic strength and processing applications, user safety. Start with other aspects and provide rich new materials for the industry.

Rainbow Special Glass achieves "hard" strength in 3D curved glass applications

The next billion-dollar market for 3D curved glass

In addition to its wide application in the mobile phone field, 3D curved glass can also be used in automotive, VR devices, smart watches, smart homes, medical displays, transportation and other fields.

The in-vehicle market is seen as the next billion-dollar application market for 3D curved glass in the mobile phone field.

As a new generation of "smart mobile terminals", automotive intelligence has become inevitable. Intelligent vehicles will also promote a comprehensive transformation of the automotive industry's ecology. Especially in the early stage of automotive intelligent industrialization, the most obvious benefit is the in-vehicle display market related to the Internet of Vehicles and advanced assisted driving.

At present, large-size multi-touch car monitors have become the mainstream trend in the development of the car display market. As an important technical support, the large-size 3D glass has broken through its application on curved screen mobile phones and wearable devices, and has ushered in a broad application prospect on the vehicle display components.

Be brave in innovation, constantly meet market demand

Although the current 3D curved glass is complicated by the process technology, the demand rate of the smart phone and the vehicle display market is increasing. As the yield rate is greatly increased and the production cost is lowered, the 3D curved glass market will experience explosive growth.

According to IHS statistics, in 2018, the sales volume of 3D cover glass was 1.812 million pieces, and the market share was only 5.5%. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales volume of 3D cover glass will be 4.26 million pieces, and the market share will increase to 11.18%.

Good market growth space also provides a huge display space for Rainbow Special Glass. At the same time, Rainbow is also increasing its investment, further expanding the application and development of new cover glass products, and launching a series of products that meet the needs of terminal manufacturers and consumers. In addition to the 3D curved glass, foldable screen, integrated fuselage and other mobile phone fields, the new cover glass products will strive to form breakthroughs in technology and application in other special glass products such as car and smart home by 2020. Implement batch applications.

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