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Company News >> Sony's flagship series flagship A9G OLED TV is listed 15th,May,2019
                                               On May 14th, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. officially released two OLED TVs - A9G, the flagship TV series and the flagship A8G, and announced the price of two products, 65A8G 23999 yuan, 55A8G 14999. Yuan; 65A9G 29999 yuan, 55A9G 19999 yuan. As one of the 2019 strategic heavyweight products, A9G has been the focus of media and consumers since the CES debut at the beginning of the year. As an important strategic chess piece of Sony in the OLED market, the advent of A9G not only represents Sony's self-transcendence of the brand once again, but also brought milestone technological innovation to the domestic TV market. Looking back at the commercialization of OLED TV in the Chinese market in the past few years, Sony has played an irreplaceable leading role. In 2017, the Sony A1 OLED TV was born, with the self-developed screen sound field technology, minimalist design style and the unique 4K HDR image processing chip X1 advanced version brings the shocking "sound and picture" experience. The advantages of OLED technology are fully differentiated and displayed on TV products, which not only makes consumers re-recognize OLED TV, but also drives a new round of consumption boom in OLED China market. In recent years, through the successive introduction of differentiated products such as A8F and A9F series, Sony has gradually built a strong matrix of OLED products to quickly realize the demand lock of high-end consumer groups. It is believed that with the launch of the two series of A9G and A8G, OLED TV will become a weapon for Sony to continue to consolidate its dominance in the high-end TV market in 2019.

Sony's flagship series flagship A9G OLED TV is listed

Fully occupy the commanding heights of technology. The new generation of OLED flagship A9G came into being

In today's fierce competition in the TV industry, whoever can master the leading audio and video quality processing technology can truly occupy the commanding heights of TV technology. Compared with technologies such as liquid crystal and laser display, OLED display technology has the advantages of more excellent black field performance, higher contrast ratio and healthy eye protection. At present, in the high-end TV market in the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries, OLED TV has gradually become the mainstream. According to market research firm IHS, nearly half of the global high-end color TV market (more than $2,000) is OLED TV. The scale of the global OLED camp continues to grow, and it has also injected a booster into the development of the domestic OLED market.

According to data from Avi Cloud (AVC), in the 55-inch high-end market of more than 10,000 yuan in China, OLED TVs accounted for 58.8%, while 65-inch high-end TV OLEDs accounted for 16.5%, which became well-deserved. Mainstream. The domestic OLED market continues to expand and the market vitality is steadily increasing. OLED TV has been attracted and recognized by more and more brands, and has been placed on the high hopes of strategic transformation. However, to further expand the market of this new display technology, it is far from enough to imitate innovation and stack products. Brands need to accumulate through their core technologies to win the favor of users in the terminal market.

Through accurate insight and understanding of the domestic and international consumer environment, Sony has always focused on the high-end large-screen market, and constantly use its own advantages in the entire industry chain of film and television content to inject innovative technology into OLED TV. Through flexible use of technology and experience accumulated in the entire industry chain of broadcasting, film and television shooting, production, transmission, etc., Sony provides a strong guarantee for the development of back-end image processing chips with rich and detailed front-end database information, and thus achieves The further release of the potential of OLED panels brings consumers a higher quality audiovisual experience. According to the research data of Yikang in the third-party market organization, Sony's online and offline OLED TV retail sales ranked first in the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2018; and in the 2018 annual price range of more than 10,000 yuan, the color TV brand retail sales ranking Leading. The data shows that Sony's high value-added product strategy has been recognized by the market and consumers.

Sony's flagship series flagship A9G OLED TV is listed

"Sony produced" has always been synonymous with industry technology benchmarks. Since returning to the OLED TV market in 10 years in 2017 and becoming famous in the first battle, Sony has continued to lead the technological innovation of the OLED industry. From the screen sound field technology to the original minimalist design concept, it has been followed and followed by the industry. At the same time, Sony is very pleased to see the booming trend of the domestic OLED market. After that, it will continue to break through and innovate. With the rapid iteration of technology, OLED TVs will bring consumers a higher quality audio-visual experience. The performance of A9G and the differentiated A8G two series of new products will be listed, which can provide more technical standards for the industry and promote the rapid development of China's OLED TV market.

Establish a new standard in the OLED industry

The new generation flagship A9G represents Sony's top technology in the field of OLED TV. Its 4K HDR image processing chip X1 Ultimate represents a high level of Sony's image quality technology. Based on the unique wide viewing angle, precise contrast control and deep black field performance of the OLED panel, the A9G is equipped with Sony's pixel-level contrast enhancement technology developed for OLED panels dramatically increases the dynamic range of the image, allowing A9G to dig deeper into the details and essence of 4K HDR content. Of course, the A8G's image quality performance is also not to be underestimated. It is equipped with the 4K HDR image processing chip X1 advanced version, which can bring more realistic and detailed light and shadow performance, color contrast and shadow details, and enhance the user's visual experience to New height.

At the same time, A9G is equipped with Sony's newly upgraded screen soundtrack flagship technology, equipped with Sony's own new generation of sound field drivers and additional subwoofers, which directly emit sound through screen vibration, giving users a transparent mid-high frequency and shocking The low-frequency experience, coupled with the ability to support Dolby panoramic sound technology through software upgrades, will bring sound performance to a new level, while also setting a new benchmark in sound quality for the OLED TV industry. The A8G is equipped with a screen sound field technology that has been famous since the introduction of the A1 series. It can provide the "sound and picture integration" experience that is difficult to achieve with traditional TV. Its outstanding sound rendering power is the uniqueness and innovation of the screen sound field technology. Sex is also difficult to imitate and transcend.

In addition, the A9G and A8G series also demonstrate Sony's consistent brand innovation in industrial aesthetics, detail and material selection. This Sony refactored the appearance of the two OLED series products, making the body thinner and lighter, effectively reducing the space occupation. Especially when using the Sony-specific rack for wall hanging, the distance between the A9G screen and the wall is reduced by half compared with the previous generation A9F, so that the TV can be better matched with various home environments, and can be realized by the rack. Rotating function allows users to enjoy a better viewing position.

In recent years, Sony has also been committed to the exploration and application of AI artificial intelligence technology, especially speech recognition and image recognition technology, is bringing new intelligent control experience to users. Based on the usage habits of Chinese users, Sony is working with domestic leading partners such as Baidu. The A9G series is equipped with Android 8.0 intelligent system. The A8G series is equipped with Android 7.0 system, which can bring more smoothness and expandability to users. A strong and secure interactive experience to easily access a wide variety of APP content is no longer limited to system pre-installed programs. At the same time, adding accurate and convenient AI smart voice function, users only need to speak the instructions to the TV, you can easily enjoy your favorite videos or applications.

The A9G flagship TV A9G will be officially released at the end of May, and the A8G series will be released simultaneously in early June. It is believed that with the launch of the two models, consumers can not only meet the needs of consumers for larger size and higher audio and video experience. To provide consumers with a full of surprise audio-visual enjoyment, and further promote the development of the domestic OLED industry.

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