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Company News >> LCD defending city, OLED stealing tower 11th,June,2019
                                               Cao Yi, the founding partner of source code capital, put forward the principle of “three waves superposition” in the “9 faces of technological innovation”: usually the influence of the first wave of technology driving is on the momentum, the second wave of big waves has risen, sometimes even Three wave tides are also accumulating strength.

Using the principle of "three waves superimposed" to explain the evolution of the television industry, it can be said that it is a three-pointer.

Since CRT technology was forced to withdraw from the historical stage, LCD has almost become the sole overlord in more than a decade. When the wave of technological innovation is once again rolling forward, OLEDs, quantum dots, etc. are gradually moving from the laboratory to the mass market, and LCD is inevitable. The welcoming of the fate of being photographed on the beach.

In all "post waves", OLED has become the most lethal challenger.

Fatal injury to the LCD

"LCD teaching is never a slave!" Behind the stubborn slogan, you can see the glory of the LCD, but it also exposes the embarrassing situation of the moment.

As far as the technical principle is concerned, the structure of the LCD is not particularly complicated. A "liquid crystal layer" is sandwiched between two glass substrates, a "thin film transistor" is placed on the lower substrate, and a "color filter layer" is placed on the upper substrate. The "liquid crystal layer" produces different light characteristics under the influence of voltage. When these light features are projected outside the screen, they pass through the "color filter layer" above to produce different colors.

It should be noted that the liquid crystal layer of the LCD cannot emit light, and the light source must be projected under the lower substrate.

The existence of this "fatal injury" has gradually evolved two major flaws in LCD panels:

First, in terms of contrast, the LCD cannot be controlled for each pixel. When displaying black, it mainly relies on the deflection of liquid crystal molecules to shield the backlight. Therefore, when the liquid panel displays a black screen, there will be some light leakage, and the ultimate black field cannot be obtained. At the same time, the liquid crystal molecules need a certain "response time" from accepting the drive command to changing the state, resulting in an "afterimage" that cannot be eradicated, even if the response time has been as low as about 2ms.

Second, in terms of screen ratio, for example, COP, COF, and COG are popular in smart phones. COG is the early packaging process of LCD. Even if the upper and lower frames can be made very narrow, "big chin" will appear as usual; COB It is a relatively new packaging technology. The core components do not need to be packaged separately, but are directly bonded to the substrate and tightly soldered with the substrate pads by thin metal wires to meet the screen occupation ratio of more than 90%.

However, consumers' pursuit of visual effects is endless, and mobile phone manufacturers are almost crazy about the pursuit of screen ratio.

The result is: Sony, Hisense, Skyworth, etc. have chosen OLED panels on high-end products, and smartphone manufacturers have begun to vote with their feet. The flagship machine is almost all OLED screens, only in the cost of compressing costs for thousands of dollars. On the plane, it was forced to continue to use the LCD panel.

OLED, really fragrant

A friend is a big fan of LCD. I once abandoned the iPhoneX for the LCD screen and turned it to the iPhone8 Plus. After the iPhoneXR, which also used the LCD screen, was launched, I bought one in the first time. Even set up a Flag: "I just don't have a mobile phone, and I won't use your OLED phone!"

However, in Hangzhou’s “OLEDBig Bang燎 Original Tour”, this friend saw the two-sided TV that was covered in the logo. When I asked which display was better, the answer was: “The right side is good, The color is pure, the picture is real, and it looks more comfortable."

When the host unveiled the black seal, the friend was stupid for a moment. The TV that had just been boasted for a long time was actually an OLED screen. "Hey, really fragrant."

Compared to LCDs, OLEDs are simpler in construction and are a very thin layer of material that emits light of a corresponding color as current passes over it. It is precisely because of the self-illumination characteristics of the screen that OLED technology can turn off independent pixels, and there is no light leakage under the black field, thereby improving the contrast and image quality. At the same time, OLED can make the color display natively, and the layering of the picture, the transparency of the color, and the detail presentation are all unmatched by the LCD.

Of course, the reason why OLED is favored is not limited to this.

Today's children are called "Internet Aborigines", but the price is high myopia, which is gradually decreasing in age. From the beginning of birth, I have been exposed to such screens, especially TVs. In order to improve the definition of image quality, TV manufacturers often increase the brightness of the screen. A large amount of blue light is also sent to the eyes of the audience. Vision causes irreversible damage. OLED TVs can reduce the amount of blue light radiation to one-third of traditional TV, thereby reducing the stimulation of the human eye, especially the protection of young people's vision.

According to relevant data, in the first quarter of 2019, OLED accounted for 44% of the global high-end TV market, and only 36% in 2018. At the same time, after LGDisplay's OLED plant in Guangzhou is put into production, the shortage of OLED panel supply in the Chinese market will be further alleviated. The market research organization IHS also gave a prediction: China's OLED TV will continue to maintain rapid growth in 2019, an increase of 88.7% compared with 2018.

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