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Company News >> Japan and South Korea gradually quit the LCD stage Sharp has a new way to force a comeback 28th,June,2023
                                        Affected by the sudden epidemic, the number of shipments of global LCD TV panels in Q1 in 2020 has declined sharply, among which, the proportion of mainland Chinese manufacturers is more than half, and Japanese and South Korean manufacturers are gradually withdrawing from the LCD TV panel stage.

In the face of a serious decline in the market environment, as well as the double squeeze of competition by Chinese mainland manufacturers, Sharp, also a Japanese manufacturer, has found a new way to force a comeback in this eventful year, hoping to turn around losses and win.

Japan and South Korea gradually quit the LCD stage Sharp has a new way to force a comeback

According to the latest research report of the Chinese Internet Data Information Network, the number of global LCD TV panels shipped in the first quarter of 2020 was 63.03 million, a sharp decline of 10.6%; The area shipped was 37.438 million square meters, a slight decline of 3.2% year-on-year. Among them, Chinese mainland manufacturers accounted for more than half of the shipments in the first quarter, reaching 55%.

At present, looking at the global LCD panel market, it can be said that the main share of the world has been held by Chinese manufacturers (including BOE, Huaxing Optoelectronics (TCL holding subsidiary), etc.), China is now the absolute overlord of LCD. Moreover, as China gradually occupies the lead in the field of LCD panels, Korean and Japanese manufacturers gradually withdraw from the market.

Public information, in 2020, China's mainland manufacturers in the first quarter of LCD shipments and shipment area of the top field.

In efforts to overcome the impact of supply chain and resumption of work, BOE continued to rank first in the world in the first quarter, with shipments of 11.33 million pieces and shipment area of 7.1 million square meters; CSOT (TCL Huaxing) also basically maintained a high operating rate in the first quarter, with its shipments and shipment area of 10.8 million and 6.63 million square meters, respectively, and the global ranking rose from fourth to second.

Japan and South Korea, also affected by the epidemic, are ready to gradually withdraw from the market. It is reported that the shipments of Korean manufacturers fell by more than 30% year-on-year, and the global share fell to 21%. In addition, with the further closure of LCD production capacity in South Korea after the second quarter, its share is expected to further decline.

With the direct market share of Chinese panel manufacturers, Japanese manufacturers are also not easy. You know, Japan was once the birthplace of liquid crystal, but also the birthplace of liquid crystal commercialization. However, the current Panasonic has announced that it will officially withdraw from the LCD panel business, which will end production in 2021; JDI, a medium-sized panel manufacturer, is also struggling to support its future due to financial reasons.

And also as Japan's domestic LCD panel manufacturer giant Sharp, naturally can not escape the fate of a sharp decline. After Sharp switched to Hon Hai, under the e

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