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Company News >> Samsung AMOLED self-lowering price LCD screen to be replaced? 3rd,Mar,2017
                                  According to Taiwan media reports, Samsung is currently planning in 2016 significantly reduce the price of small and medium size AMOLED panel, so that the price difference with the traditional LCD panel reduced to less than 10%.
                          AMOLED panel as Samsung's strategic industry for its importance is self-evident, this is the Samsung mobile phone and competitors can pull the gap, and make a big difference in the big deal.
                         "Samsung's success factor is the big screen, but the hegemony of the foundation is its strong terminal industry chain." In the mobile phone China Union Secretary-General old Yao view, Samsung in the screen, Memory chip, manufacturing technology and other areas of the people catch up. "AMOLED panel, in the process of Samsung to dominate the smart phone to work." Old Yao said,                          "AMOLED screen softer, more dazzling, with the big screen, quickly open the European and American markets, replacing the HTC and other competitors.
                          In the field of display panels, Samsung has always been maverick, especially in some small and medium size display panel Samsung has been adhering to the development of OLED panels. And its improved version of the AMOLED panel is almost with the Samsung Galaxy series of mobile phones and gradually become known, from mixed to industry stars, Samsung AMOLED high-end image can be said that Samsung with their own and lifted up. So Samsung OLED panel industry has a pivotal position, the technology is absolutely the absolute leader.
                         OLED display panel is recognized as the industry's next generation of display technology, its self-luminous, rich color screen, lower power consumption, toughness and strong characteristics of mobile intelligence in full compliance with the development needs. Since the prospects of OLED panel so bright, that Samsung as the core industry, why the AMOLED panel came the price of the storm it?
1. Smartphone weak AMOLED panel production capacity to be released
                         Internationally renowned research company TrendForce released a global smartphone shipments report in October, reported that the third quarter of 2015, Samsung contributed the global smart phone shipments of about 25%, but its Galaxy S6 and other S series equipment this year out Volume is expected to have been reduced to 40 million. And TrendForce Samsung smartphone shipments this year will be the first time the year-on-year decline.
                         And so far, Samsung AMOLED screen are basically produced for sale, mobile phone sales decline also means that the demand for the screen panel to reduce the need to use the remaining capacity to win more mobile phone manufacturers. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers have begun small-scale use of Samsung AMOLED screen, models, including MX5, Meizu PRO5, OPPO R7 and so on.
                         But AMOLED screen expensive, small and medium size AMOLED panel price compared to LCD panel about 30% of your price, so the use of AMOLED panel models are in the high-end models, shipments are not large. Samsung through the price cuts can also stimulate the mobile phone manufacturers to consider more AMOLED screen.
2.LCD screen is the time to be replaced
                        OLED display technology was originally discovered by American Chinese professor Deng Qingyun in the laboratory, and thus launched a study of OLED. And the liquid crystal display technology is the biggest difference is a self-luminous characteristics, simple structure without backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, low power consumption, fast response, can be used for flexible panel, the use of a wide range of temperature advantages The
                        In the traditional TV and PC areas of these features of OLED is not for people to pay attention to, but in the mobile smart era OLED features is to show its beautiful application prospects, is simply born for the mobile era.

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