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Company News >> Apple behind the scenes to boost the South Korea panel panel force OLED 3rd,Mar,2017
                                     Korean panel manufacturers are OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panel areas continue to overweight.
November 27, LG Display (LGD) relevant person in charge of China confirmed to the author, LGD really plans to build an OLED panel line in Paju, South Korea, and the total investment is expected to exceed 10 trillion won. Upon completion, this will be the world's largest production line to produce OLED-based panels.
Apple's future in the panel of the new choice is undoubtedly to promote the Korean panel factory power OLED important reason, and as Apple gradually use OLED panel, the existing panel supply pattern will undoubtedly be a huge change.
                            In the OLED investment has always been positive LGD, choose to continue to expand their OLED panel production capacity. The relevant person in charge told reporters that the planning of the P10 plant, plans to do more than 9 lines, the goal is to do large size and flexible OLED, is expected to put into operation in 2018.
LGD is expected to invest more than 10 trillion won. "November 26, LGD held a board of directors decided to invest 1 trillion 890 billion won in the year to start construction of the P10 plant water supply, power supply and other infrastructure." The relevant responsible person told reporters.
                           "LG Display will build power to develop OLEDs." LGD CEO Han Youfan said, LG Display OLED will be seen as changing the market structure of the future development of the industry power, "LG Display will P10 plant will become the world's first OLED production Base, making it the center of the global OLED industry. "
                            This is LGD announced this year to build the second OLED factory. July 23, LGD announced in Gyeongsangbondo Gumi factory investment 1 trillion 50 billion won, the construction of 6 generations of flexible OLED production line. The factory, named E5, plans to produce 7500 glass substrates per month and plans to start production in the first half of 2017.
                             In fact, OLED panel has long been the focus of LGD investment.
                            According to the reporter learned that in August this year, LG Display has announced long-term strategy, announced to 2018 will invest 10 trillion won, focusing on large size and flexible OLED and high-end LCD (liquid crystal display). As of now, LGD has been put into operation of the OLED production line has three.
The person in charge told reporters that the current LGD in large size with E3 and E4 two OLED 8 on behalf of the line, a year's total capacity of 34,000 glass substrate. In the small and medium size, LGD has E2 this flexible OLED 4.5 on behalf of the line.
                            Not just LGD, another Korean panel manufacturer Samsung also plans to "return" OLED camp. According to Korean media reports, Samsung shows plans to Tian'an City, the old LCD five generations of line production line equipment for sale, the funds used for all the OLED production line research and development and production. In addition, the news also said that Samsung has developed a complete OLED investment plan, is expected to soon be approved by the board of directors.
Apple's driving force
                            Korean panel makers have overweight OLED panels, and the United States Apple's future in the product screen on the new choice is not unrelated.
November 26, Japanese media reported that the scheduled 2018 iPhone will be launched using OLED panel new models. And said Apple has now informed the news of parts manufacturers and most other partners.
                            Since Apple's iPhone in 2007 since the use of LCD screen are used, only this year's iWatch using OLED screen, LGD is the outside world that Apple iWatch screen exclusive supplier. But this did not get the public response of the two companies.
                            It is worth noting that this time than before the outgoing iPhone 7 will be used OLED screen time later. Some view that the delay in part because the OLED panel production capacity, is still not meet the needs of Apple.
                            According to the reporter to understand, OLED panel in the display, response speed and self-luminous, etc. is considered better than the LCD. Samsung has a terminal advantage, had its production AMOLED panel for some mobile phones and flat. But the OLED panel has not yet been in the mobile phone to expand the application.

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