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Company News >> July large-size TFT LCD panel shipments fell 7% 8th,Apr,2017
                                          Panel shipments report shows that July large-size TFT LCD panel shipments of 57.7 million, down by 7%, but compared to 4% growth over the same period last year. NPD DisplaySearch pointed out that the second quarter of this year, large size (9-inch) panel shipments reached a record high of 181 million, while the LCD TV panel shipments reached 6.4 million single-season record high.
                                However, NPD DisplaySearch Greater China senior panel analyst Wu Rongbing said that the second quarter of the panel shipments and fear of downstream preparations for the fourth quarter of the panel inventory adjustment concerns are gradually fermentation, resulting in large-size panel shipments in July fell 7% The By the shipping indicators observed, the downstream demand for the World Cup, the end of the season and the sale of North American black Friday Thanksgiving sales of the stocking is not fully cool but gradually ease the trend; and the third quarter of the large size of the panel shipments in the number May be lower than the second quarter, panel makers in the second half of the capacity utilization policy may show a slight downward trend.
NPD DisplaySearch observed that more than 9-inch Tablet PC
                               Panel and notebook panel shipments fell the most, the monthly recession reached 29% and 8%. The reason is mainly some of the notebook computer brand panel inventory adjustment, while the Tablet PC sales gradually into the mature and fierce competition in the low price also allows many computer brands to correct their Tablet PC shipments target, thereby reducing its panel purchases. The second quarter of the notebook computer panel ship is very bright, so many panel manufacturers to re-increase its 2014 shipments in the panel manufacturers to increase the shipping target and the downstream machine ready to lower the state under the inventory, notebook The panel supply and demand of the computer may change at the fourth degree.
In the LCD monitor and LCD TV part, such as 19.5 inch, 21.5 inch, 23.6 inch, 32 inch, 39.5 inch, 40 inch or even 50 inch and other panels are also showing more or less shortages. In the LCD display part of the supply and demand is relatively stable, but due to some downstream brands in July for inventory adjustments, resulting in a slight decline in shipments in July. 18.5-inch, 21.5-inch and other more mature product shipments decline, but 23.6-inch, 23.8-inch, 27-inch and 28-inch and other large-size products are increased. LCD TV panel shipments fell slightly by 1%. South Korea's two major TV brands Samsung and LG Electronics in July for a slight inventory adjustment caused by these shocks. However, the Chinese market, North America and South America market and the Asia-Pacific market for the demand for TV panels still maintain a certain degree of heat. The most obvious LCD TV size in July more obvious shape, 50-inch (or more) LCD TV panel shipments from 3.5 million in May jumped to 3.8 million in June; and in July is a move Break through a single month of 4 million pieces.
                              In the panel part of the panel, covering all sizes (5 inches -12.5 inches), July panel shipments of 25 million, compared with 30 million in June significantly reduced by 5 million. The main reason for this is the iPad Mini's 7.9-inch panel in July for a substantial order adjustment, resulting in iPad Mini panel suppliers such as LG Display, Sharp and other flat panel computer shipments performance as expected, while 7-inch tablet panel shipments But also from June to July a substantial reduction of nearly 2 million, it is clear that the 7-inch Tablet PC market is gradually more than 5.5-inch large-size mobile phone.

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