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Company News >> University of York: Discovering New Uses for LCD Panel Waste 13th,Jan,2017
                              In the United States, every year a myriad of electronic equipment wastes are thrown into the dumps, although there are a number of related waste recycling programs in the United States, but researchers have found ways to use these wastes more efficiently than recycling. According to the University of York researchers, LCD displays are commonly used in medical compounds can be included "polyvinyl alcohol" (PVA), but in the past people simply abandoned the LCD panel to burn or buried.
                      The team has developed a method for extracting PVA from these LCD panel wastes and making them in-kind. These extracted PVA can be used to make tissue scaffolds to help repair human injury; the researchers also said that the compound can also serve as a drug carrier, these drugs are transported to certain parts of the human body.
                     "The total number of scrapped LCD monitors is about 2.5 billion, plus the number of scrapped LCD TV panels," said James Clark, a research team leader. "We should not simply burnt or incinerate these wastes, But the useful parts of these wastes should be fully recovered. "
                      The research team will use this recycling technology to get the product called "foam PVA", they use water in the microwave heating of LCD materials, and then use the ethanol to clean the heated material.
                      Because it will not cause the body's immune system of poor rejection, so the PVA material in medicine has a higher utilization price

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