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Company News >> German LCD maker Merck: LCD panel shipments this year, an increase of 11% 4th,July,2017
                                                 German LCD manufacturers Merck Group held in Taiwan, "Displaying Futures" program seminar, invited cross-domain experts to explore the potential development of the panel, Taiwan's Merck Group Chairman Xie Zhihong said that in order to strengthen cooperation with customers, Merck in the original Taiwan Guanyin plant investment, this year began to expand and cover a layer of R & D center is expected to be completed by the end of November, the machine will also be moved into the fastest, the first quarter of next year or the second quarter can begin to provide services.
Xie Zhihong pointed out that although the current global economic downturn is relatively sluggish, but Merck reverse operation this year to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Taiwan to set up R & D center in Taiwan, hoping to work with the industry in the future technology development cooperation, more quickly with the market, optimistic about the panel industry Is still quite a chance, and in response to the expansion of R & D center needs, the current staff of about 200 people in Taiwan, will also increase the recruitment of 10 people into the R & D center team.
Merck Group Global Board member Bernd Reckmann pointed out that the recent observation, by the global economic downturn, European and North American market consumer demand decline, but emerging market demand continues to be strong, will be the focus of future development, he further pointed out , LCD panel shipments this year, an increase of 11% growth, next year will have 7% growth in 2014, the annual growth rate of 8%, while new technologies such as OLED, will be the future to promote the growth of the panel industry an important factor.
Merck LCD industry in the global marketing business vice president Roman Maisch said that Merck in the panel industry will never be absent, in the face of future industrial changes, the company jumped from the traditional technical thinking, from technology-oriented, converted into users, And business three major considerations, to understand the consumer lifestyle, program development and other development solutions.

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