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Company News >> AMOLED production costs close to the LCD 14th,Jan,2017
                        According to the IHS report, AMOLED and LCD production costs have been significantly narrowed, AMOLED and LCD production costs in the first quarter of this year were 14.3 US dollars and 14.6 US dollars, is expected in 2020 AMOLED market share will be increased significantly to 30%, can Is expected that, AMOLED has been waiting to replace the TFT-LCD, the current AMOLED exclusive global Samsung 95.8% share, also contributed to Samsung's annual stock price rose to 58%, a new record high.
                  As the world's leading display interface provider, Shanghai spectrum Rui and Samsung to jointly develop the world's first AMOLED panel with timing control chip, the spectrum of the Swiss DP699 timing control chip supports the latest eDPStandard1.4b standard, the exclusive supply of Samsung's latest AMOLED display panel, Spectrum is expected to become AMOLED LCD panel market competition after reshuffle, a small number of beneficiaries of the big winners.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618