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Company News >> 14 high-generation LCD panel line Why mainland investment so fanatical? 9th,Dec,2017
                                                In addition to the BOE Hefei 10.5 on behalf of the line, BOE 8.5 on behalf of the line, China's Xianyang 8.6 on behalf of the line, China's Chengdu 8.6 on behalf of the line, Huaxing 11 new LCD panel production line is also actively demonstrated in the future a high-generation TFT-LCD The layout of the panel line warfare will start in mainland China.

Into July, China mainland high-generation TFT-LCD panel line came frequently news - Fuzhou BOE 8.5 generation new semiconductor display device main line of the overall structure of the top cap; Huike Jin Yu Photoelectric 8.5 generation LCD display device project successfully capped. At the same time, Huaxing Power 11 new LCD panel production line is basically scheduled to start construction by the end of 2016, coupled with the construction of Hefei BOE 10.5-generation panel line since the end of 2015 and China Electronics were built in Xianyang, Chengdu 8.6 on behalf of the line, there are five 8.5 generation and above high-generation TFT-LCD panel line in mainland China cast construction. However, why China's high-generation TFT-LCD panel line investment will be so fanatical?
TFT-LCD is still the mainstream display technology
At present, TFT-LCD, OLED, laser and other display technologies show a variety of display technologies co-exist, the trend of product diversification. Although the display technology diversification, but the market occupies a dominant position, the most vitality is still liquid crystal display technology, especially in large-size display products still occupy a dominant position.
With the continuous development of display technology, TFT-LCD liquid crystal display technology has made significant breakthroughs in key technologies and has now entered a period of rapid growth. In particular, the backplane technologies such as LTPS and metal oxide are continuously improving, as well as quantum dots, HDR and other technology to further enhance the liquid crystal display technology, in the ultra-thin, high-definition, surface, color gamut, contrast and so has made great progress. BOE even use a-Si technology to produce 10K ultra-high-definition display, liquid crystal display technology to achieve new breakthroughs.

At the same time, OLED display technology has many advantages, such as direct light emission and good color rendering effect, and is currently recognized as the future trend of display technology. However, due to the low product yield and high cost, it is difficult to enter mainstream applications In the field, especially in the field of large size, the issue of yield has become a stumbling block to OLED applications. In a sense, OLED's delay in the substitution of TFT-LCD has won valuable time and space for the development of domestic TCT-LCD enterprises. The related domestic manufacturing enterprises including glass substrates also welcome the best Opportunity for development.
According to Displaysearch, the global FPD industry reached US $ 148 billion in output in 2015, accounting for 98% of all display devices. The output value of TFT-LCD panels will reach 133.7 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 91% of the FPD industry. At present, flat panel display production lines under expansion or construction in the world are mainly focused on high-generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED production lines with depreciation life of more than 10 years but the scale of OLED production lines is still very small, which determines the future ten TFT-LCD is still dominated by flat panel display in year, and TFT-LCD will still be the mainstream display technology by 2020.

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