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Company News >> Breakthrough LCD Red Sea OLED TV will account for half of the market 13th,Dec,2017
                                               In recent years, the display of the market momentum of growth began to weaken, with LCD TV is absolutely dominant in the global color TV market is highly saturated, according to authoritative research firm IHS survey data show that from 2014 to 2020, the global LCD TV market, the average annual growth rate (CAGR) Only 1.4%. In addition, the AVC report on "Summary of the Third Quarter of China's Color TV Market in 2016" also mentioned that although the color TV market still maintained its growth trend, its sales in the third quarter decreased by 5.9% from the same period of previous year, Forehead drop "embarrassing situation remains unresolved. It can be said that the display industry is in urgent need of breaking the LCD Red Sea, ushering in a complete transformation of the OLED revolution.
It is understood that, IHS data show that from 2018 OLED organic TV forecast will occupy more than 50% of the global high-end market share, reaching 2.3 million units. As a very important part of the global market, China will occupy nearly one-fifth of the global high-end TV market. In other words, OLED TV will occupy 54% of China's high-end market by 2018.
Faced with the dilemma, many LCD TV makers are also looking for a breakthrough, there are some LCD-based optimization techniques, such as quantum dot technology, but its progress is not very smooth. Recently, some news came out that QD Vision Taiwan Co., Ltd. of quantum dot industry suffered a "crisis of death" due to the withdrawal of major shareholders, the disbandment of teams and the suspension of production. This undoubtedly casts a shadow over the development of quantum dot television.

Experts said that the LCD market saturation and LCD-based optimization technology is difficult to break the dictates, stimulating display industry demand for further breakthrough motivation, which has become OLED to achieve growth external factors. But for OLED, the reason why it can become the era of choice, the fundamental reason is its great advantage compared to LCD.
As the technology matures, OLED's leading edge is further expanded. LG Display OLED Division President Lu Xiangde introduced a few days ago, OLED panel production yield has remained stable at 80% or more, and to ensure that more than 100,000 per month capacity. At the same time, through continuous production line investment, it is planned to increase its production capacity to over 2 million in 2017 and further to 2.7 million in 2018. The growth of OLED will continue. It is understood that the current OLED products in terms of quality, has reached the average family use 17 years will not be any problem level.
In addition, under the influence of the enormous advantages of OLED, OLED camp has been further expanded. At this year's IFA show in Germany, the number of exhibiting OLED products increased from 5 last year to 9, including China's Skyworth, Changhong, Europe's Philips, Mead, Grundig, Loewe, Vestel, and Japan's Panasonic and South Korea LG Electronics are involved.

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