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Company News >> Poor PDP TV sales are only 1/14 of LCD TVs 16th,March,2018
                                               According to data from AVC, 2009, the total domestic color TV retail volume reached 34.5 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 3%. Traditional CRT color TVs shrank sharply, LCD TV sales increased by over 100%, and PDP TV increased by 4.27. %. The
        LCD TV PDP TV Sales Ratio Nearly 14:1
The monthly color TV retail monthly monitoring data released by Ovid Consulting recently showed that among the total sales of 34.5 million color TV sets, the sales of CRT TVs, LCD TVs and PDP TVs were 9.2 million units, 23.59 million units and 1.71 million units, respectively. The proportions were 27%, 68%, and 5%, respectively. In 2008, the sales of CRT TVs, LCD TVs, and PDP TVs were also 22.24 million units, 11.75 million units, and 1.64 million units, which accounted for 62%, 33%, and 5% of the total color TV sales.

Source: OVC Consulting (AVC)
Analysis of this data is not difficult to see, in 2009, flat-panel TVs in the market consumption form has been the absolute mainstream of the color TV industry, which also shows that flat-panel TVs CRT TV market replacement has been basically achieved.
However, it is worth noting that the completion of flat-panel TVs to replace CRT TV's heavy responsibility is almost to rely on LCD TVs alone: ​​CRT TV sales from 22.24 million units in 2008 sharply reduced to 920 million units in 2009 (the same period domestic color TV retail market from There were 3,563,000 units reduced to 3,450 million units, and 1.13 million units, ie, 3%). This set aside 13.4 million units of market gaps filled with LCD TVs, and LCD TVs had 2009 retail sales of 11.84 million units more than in 2008. In the same period, the number of PDP TVs increased from 1.64 million to 1.71 million, with a slight increase of 70,000.
Relevant data also show that the ratio of retail sales of LCD TVs and PDP TVs in 2009 also changed from 7.16:1 (1175:164) in 2008 to 13.8:1 (2359:171). In competition with LCD TVs, the PDP’s The sales inferiority is becoming increasingly obvious.
In fact, in 2003 and 2004, when LCD TVs and PDP TVs were first introduced into China, sales of PDP TVs were comparable to those of LCD TVs. PDP TVs, LCD TVs, and rear-projection TVs were called the top 3 flat panel displays. However, this kind of three-strong situation did not last long, and the first one to retire is to retreat to a large-size rear-projection TV.

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