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Company News >> Korean plant expands capacity of NAND Flash, OLED panel mainland 30th,March,2018
                                          Korean manufacturers continue to expand the production capacity of NAND Flash and OLED panels. Among them, Samsung Electronics' Xi’an Semiconductor factory, which is regarded as a successful example of economic cooperation between the mainland and South Korea, recently held the groundbreaking ceremony of No. 2 production line and will fully expand. The NAND Flash memory capacity is 8 trillion won (approximately 7.5 billion U.S. dollars) in terms of total investment scale. As for LG Display (LGD), which is equally strong in expanding production of OLED panels, the case of building an OLED in Guangzhou, mainland China, has encountered twists and turns. Whether it can start production in 2019 as scheduled is still variable.
According to the Korean media daily economic report, on March 28th, Samsung held a groundbreaking ceremony for its No. 2 production line at the Xi’an factory. The representative of the company was attended by the representative of Semiconductor and Device Solutions (DS) Jin Jinnan, and was invited to participate in the participation of senior officials from the mainland. In response to the huge demand for NAND Flash from the mainland market, Samsung completed the construction of its factory in Xi’an in 2014. Due to the special geographical relationship between Xi’an and mainland Chinese President Xi Jinping, Samsung’s construction has attracted the attention of the mainland government.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618