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Company News >> BOE achieves the world's top five largest application-end display shipments 11th,May,2018
                                                 A few days ago, in the BOE product display area in Hefei, the reporter saw an electronic photo frame that could replace the picture content. At first glance, there is no difference between this type of picture frame hanging on the wall and an ordinary picture frame, but there is actually a great deal of mystery.
“Album contents can be changed at any time. Customers can not only push photos from their mobile phones into a photo frame, but also can customize their own art galleries so that they can enjoy ancient and modern Chinese and foreign art paintings without leaving their homes.” Staff introduced. An ingenious smart electronic photo frame is just a bargain for BOE. In recent years, by adhering to independent innovation and product research and development, BOE has achieved a change in the role of followers and front runners. Both core technology patents and display panel shipments have leapt to the top of the world.
Top five shipments in the world
On May 8th, in the BOE Hefei manufacturing base, Zhang Yu, vice president of BOE Group and general manager of Hefei District, revealed to reporters that in the first quarter of 2018, global LCD TV panel shipments were ranked, and BOE took 12.5 million globally. the first. This is BOE (BOE) after the smart phone LCD display, tablet computer display, notebook computer display, display display the world's largest shipments in the world, after shipments in the TV display segment breakdown The world's first.
Since last year, the production capacity of BOE Fuzhou's 8.5-generation line has rapidly climbed, and the Hefei 10.5-generation line has been successfully mass-produced. Many high-generation lines have become fully-manufactured and the production capacity has been released strongly. According to the data, in the first quarter of 2018, the shipments of BOE's 55-inch display panels increased by nearly 30% year-on-year, the 65-inch increase by 136%, and the 4K TV panel shipments increased by 34% year-on-year. It is predicted that in the field of large-size display screens, especially TV LCD screens, this year BOE (BOE) will be ranked first in the world. It can be said that now BOE has become the leader in the industry.
Never stop the pace of innovation
From the beginning of the Beijing Electronic Tube Factory to the display panel giant of the world today, the BOE team understands that only innovation can master the core technology. “Since we started to enter the display panel industry on a large scale in 2003, we have been working hard in various pressures such as loss, and we have not stopped our innovation.” Over the years, 7% of the revenue has been invested in technology research and development, while the input of the same industry is usually below 2%.
The number of patents best measures a company's ability to innovate. In 2017, BOE added 8,678 new patent applications, including 85% for invention patents, and accumulated use of more than 60,000 patents, ranking top in the global industry.
The frequent success of the number of patents and panel shipments also made Zhang Yu confident. He told reporters: "In the past four to five years, through independent research and development, in the display panel industry, we can say that we have mastered a very comprehensive and complete core technology, and there is no place subject to human control."
Hefei is a blessed place for BOE
Zhang Yu said that BOE's shipments, patents, coverage, and gross profit margins in the global market have already been ranked first in the industry. This is the best return for the company's long-term commitment to high R&D investment and adherence to independent innovation.
“The display panel is a national basic industry. We insist on doing the industry very hard, and we also have the pressure of loss and so-called 'burning'.” Zhang Yu said that BOE’s technical talent team has long been hard at work, and some people have a white hair. The person has less hair, but for the long-term development of the country's basic industry, he thinks that everything is worth it.
Talking about the origins of BOE and Hefei, Zhang Yu thinks that Hefei has always been a blessing to BOE. “In 2010, the 6th-generation Hefei BOE line was put into operation, and the situation that China's large-size LCD panels all relied on imports was reversed. This is also a new starting point for BOE's expansion.” Zhang Yu told reporters that the political and business environment in Hefei is very good and the government’s service attitude All right, the efficiency is high. Next, BOE will surely usher in a longer-term development in Hefei.
For the 2018 World Manufacturing Conference to be held in Hefei, Zhang Yu is also full of expectations. “It is a pleasure to see the World Manufacturing Conference held in Hefei, which is very important to improve Hefei's global reputation. Hefei is an important R&D and production base in BOE. There are 25,000 employees in Guangguang. Not only will we participate in the conference, but also many client partners in the industry will participate in the conference. It is believed to be helpful to our future business development."

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