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Company News >> How much do you know about LCD operation and storage? 10th,August,2018
                                             The LCD screen is improperly used or improperly stored, so regarding the use and storage of the liquid crystal, I would like to know the operation and storage.
Operation method:
1. The LCD module must drive above the specified drive voltage within the specified voltage range to shorten the life of the LCD module.
2. The DC current will cause the LCD to deteriorate and thus avoid using DC drive.
3. When the temperature is lower than the operating temperature range, the response time of the LCD will be significantly longer than the operating temperature range.
4. If the display area is forced to press some characters in the working state, an error will be displayed, but it will return to normal after being closed once.
5. Condensation on the electrode terminals may cause an open circuit due to electrochemical reactions.
6. The humidity should be less than 50% RH at the highest working temperature.
Storage method:
If long-term storage is recommended, use the following method:
1- Seal the module in a polyethylene plastic bag to protect it from moisture.
-2 is placed in a place where it is protected from light and the temperature is within the specified storage temperature range.
3-Store to avoid any objects touching the surface of the polarizer. It is recommended to store in the inner bag when delivered.

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