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Company News >> LCD panel expertise 17th,August,2018
                                           Usually when we sell LCD, there are always sales people who ask what level of your screen, you may casually say that it is A-level, A+ level, in fact, such answers are unprofessional, if the consumer is professional The consumer, with this disdain to talk with such SALES, will only go away, if the deal is in all likelihood, the customer has already understood the outside market almost, just let you out The lowest price, do LCD sales we must be a valuable salesman, blindly low-cost shipping, not a good salesman, only to convince customers, let customers believe in your professional, your service, you count success!

For general definition of panel grading standards, please refer to: grading standards for LCD panels
The truly professional panel grade factory standard can be found in: AU panel grade standard

Want to be a professional LCD salesman must have a deep understanding of the professional terminology of liquid crystal, you have to know more than the customer, at least you can not understand the terms of the customer you can not understand, the following is some of my collection LCD terminology, you can combine the models sold separately to understand:
LCD panel

The liquid crystal panel is the main component of the liquid crystal display, which accounts for nearly 80% of the cost of the liquid crystal display. At present, there are not many manufacturers of panel manufacturing technology in the world. Only SHARP (Sharp), SANYO (Sanyo), Samsung, LG-Philips, Taiwan's AUO and other manufacturers have core technologies, and most LCD monitors use their panels. To assemble the production.

Ant experience: We can prove some of the problems we encountered in the sale, the LCD panel was artificially damaged and then changed after the screen, the major manufacturers after the customer service answer (LCD + screen change manual) charges close to or exceed a new LCD Cost, let the customer understand the importance of the LCD screen, the importance of three years of free service! Not long ago, we met a couple of fights in Danjiangkou, broke the screen, changed the screen, and the customer service answer was artificial. Damage, the charge is 1000 yuan, it is recommended that customers do not repair, sell the circuit board and buy a new one. There is also a "stupid Q" brand LCD that we used to sell for four years. After a year of use, many customers found that the screen is not bright, black, and the lamp is yellowish, and its customer service rejection example. Last week, we encountered a VA721 screen in Ezhou, a gray screen, because it is three years free, was replaced by a new screen for free.

The quality and value of the panel are currently divided into three categories: Sanyo and Sharp of the piglet belong to the first gear, and are often used in high-end products such as EIZO, SONY, ViewSonic (VP, VG series), etc., and the price is relatively high; South Korea's Samsung, LG and Philips are second-class, most of them are used in displays sold with branded machines; AUO and other Taiwanese manufacturers are in third place. Chi Mei, Haoyu Caijing has obtained a large number of OEM OEM orders at cost-effective; I understand that there is also a five-generation line panel produced by NEC-SVA (SVA), which is particularly good, and we can see ultra-low prices on the market. The price of the model is mostly such panels.

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